Here Are Some Important Details To Know About The Best Souvlaki In Casey

Souvlaki, alongside other Greek dishes, offers a variety of flavors that may most likely be loved by everyone (only if given a little bit more attention). The flavors are robust but quaint, savory but not overpowering, and tasty but not too rich. Interesting ironies, aren’t they? Well, that’s the mystery shrouding this dish.

It’s a good idea to take a deep dive into the souvlaki a little bit more, isn’t it? Understanding the souvlaki shall pave the way for people to appreciate it more. Perhaps, even make them want to go to Greece to sample the most authentic versions of it. It’s not even a bad idea to even think of having dinner in Casey with the souvlaki as the star of the table.

Let’s begin with…

What is souvlaki? 

Basically, souvlaki is derived from a Middle Eastern treat, the kebab which is mainly made of meat marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, oregano, and more. The meat is grilled on skewers and served still skewered or off of it with pita. The Greeks had their own twist through the souvlaki. Instead of lamb, the souvlaki mostly uses pork. Over time, souvlaki also evolved by using other meats such as chicken, swordfish, lamb, and its vegetarian counterparts.

Souvlaki’s nutritional information 

The health-conscious and those who are watching their weight see this part as crucial. However, it is a good idea to be informed of its nutritional information even for the general public. Just like all meals consumed, it is essential to know their contributions to everyone’s health and wellness. This way, people can duly adjust their intake or perhaps avoid certain meals altogether if it goes against their diet or medical restrictions.

This time, the souvlaki takes the center stage. Is it a healthy dish? Should people go crazy having it for being a healthier alternative to other meat dishes out there? Let’s find out.


Usual serving size: 270 grams
With pita: 500 calories
Protein: 19 grams
Fiber: 3 grams
Fat: 22 grams, 10 grams as saturated


Usual serving size: 270 grams
With pita: 360 calories
Fiber: 3 grams
Fat: 7 grams, 2.5 grams as saturated

Additional tidbits 

The dry roasted versions are considered lower in fat and calories. This is so because not much fat stays in the dish while cooking. Also, the same is true when souvlaki is consumed in the best places for dinner in Casey without dips or sauces. Many locals find the souvlaki incomplete with the tzatziki (a cucumber and yogurt sauce or dip). With the tzatziki, it adds to the souvlaki 50 calories and about 3.5 grams of fat. 

Greeks also like to have their souvlaki with feta cheese. With it, the souvlaki becomes a little bit richer adding 75 calories and 6 grams of fat. An additional drizzling of olive oil does add 120 calories and 13.5 grams of fat to the souvlaki. Truth be told, every added ingredient adds more calories and fat to the dish. However, do these additions significantly make the entire dish unhealthy?

The answer is yes, only when too much is added. Here, moderation is definitely observed. Ideally, these sauces are meant to add a little bit more depth and flavor. Therefore, a little goes a long way. The dish should not be heavily smothered by these additional ingredients, nor does it have to be swimming in them. This is perhaps one of the secrets of the best souvlaki in Casey and other parts of the world, too.

Now, on to the best part- ingredients and cooking method…

Ingredients of the best souvlaki in Casey 

Many restaurants offer souvlaki as their specialty. While many authentic Greek restaurants with their lovely retail fit-out prowess on display choose to go traditional, some divert and add a little bit of twist to it. However, its method of preparation is, let it be known that souvlaki is indeed one of the best, yet underrated dishes there are.

Its ingredients are easy to find and simple. The distinct taste is derived from how it is prepared. Here, simplicity is everything. Souvlaki doesn’t need to have millions of ingredients to entice every curious culinary enthusiast. 


Anyway, without further ado, here are the ingredients of souvlaki:

The meat 

As mentioned, the most common meat preferred is pork. However, other meats are now used to make souvlaki. Based on the nutritional information provided, chicken is a healthier alternative to pork. It also goes without saying that seafood options are healthier than both pork and chicken combined. Now, to take the health level to greater heights, the vegetarian option is the healthiest option there is.

The marinade 

The marinade is made of these ingredients as base or foundation:
– Lemon juice
– Oregano
– Salt
– Pepper
– Olive oil

However, other ingredients may also be added for a little bit more flavor and character such as:

– Garlic
– Rosemary
– Thyme
– Red wine vinegar as an alternative to lemon juice

Side dishes 

As mentioned, souvlaki is best enjoyed with pita and tzatziki. Everyone knows what the pita is. However, not much is known about the tzatziki. So, what is it made of? The main ingredients of the tzatziki are the following:

– Traditional Greek yogurt
– Cucumber
– Minced garlic
– Dill
– Lemon
– Olive oil
– Salt

How to make the souvlaki 

Apart from choosing the best ingredients possible, cooking and preparation are what sets souvlaki from the rest. Though considerably less complicated compared to other dishes, making souvlaki requires precision and accuracy. This is the case when making it for the first time. In order to know the step-by-step process of making this lovely dish, click here and waste no time.

The best souvlaki in Casey can also be sampled in authentic Greek restaurants around town. Miss Pickle 1971, for one, serves the traditional dishes including the delicious and delectable souvlaki. The method of preparation has been the same since its inception decades ago. They managed to keep things as it is, coupled with that warm and genuine hospitality that Greeks are known for.

In conclusion 

Trying different dishes from all over the world is not just an interesting culinary and gastronomic experience. It also instantly broadens everyone’s perspective about the word. The authentic and traditional dishes become a window to different ways of life in places that may never be visited.

It enriches people’s minds and sends them on a world tour without even leaving their town. Therefore, trying different dishes from other parts of the world must be done. Do it not only for the tummy but for the mind and soul as well. Start with the souvlaki. Make Greece the first stop then venture out. 

Meanwhile, visit Miss Pickle 1971 and sample their dishes. Many people can attest to how great their dishes are. With other branches in the area, one is never too far from having authentic Greek/Mediterranean gastronomic finds. Needless to say, they do have the best souvlaki in Casey. 

Image by Jeff Velis from Pixabay 

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