Here’s The Best List of Fat Burners for Women You’ll Ever Get!

“Hey Fatty! It seems like we’re getting ahead of ourselves in the kitchen aren’t we? Hold off on the Ben & Jerry’s will you? At that rate, the mister will leave you for someone else!”

Have you ever heard a comment like this in your life? I mean, not “like” this exactly but something similar – something about your weight gain, to be accurate. If the answer yes, then I feel you. I have been on the same boat, girl. And I tell you, I can feel your fury and determination. It’s really insensitive for people to call you out and tell you things you’re already having a hard time accepting. Like, why can’t they mind their own business right? Why do they have to point out the very thing that makes you feel insecure?But hey, it is way more difficult trying to change other people than changing yourself. Some people simply won’t get it. Be it nature or nurture, spiteful people manage to be even more spiteful at the worst times.

My advice? Just let it go – you’ll live happier that way.

Recently, there has been a movement in mainstream media. People have been posting unedited and raw shots of themselves with the caption #notobodyshaming. And they’re right. Who are we to judge how others live their lives? We’re not living ours any better, that’s for sure. People, women especially, have constantly battled with themselves and their insecurities because others keep telling them that they’re never good enough. If you’re too thin, you’re called anorexic. If you’re too thick, you’re called a pig. This constant battle with a world that always has something negative to say about you can really wear you out. It makes you lose hope in humanity – particularly in aspects of love, respect, and tact.

Ugh. Some people are so tactless that they get on my nerves.

Anyway, don’t let all this negativity get the best of you. Believe in yourself and in who you are. You are beautiful, intelligent, appealing, and worthy to be loved. But before you can convince anyone that you are all these things, you first have to convince yourself.

If the only way to do it is to lose weight to gain the right amount of confidence, so be it. But remember, you have to do this for yourself because you want to. You do not need to do this to please others. If you’re doing this to make people shut up, don’t count on it. Because people, they always have something to say. So live life as you want it and become the best version of yourself because you want it. If you think you’re fine the way you are, that’s alright – no need to push through these methods. But if you think you want a change, then try these things out. They’re sure to help you shed off the pounds!

Leafy Greens

I know it’s no secret but leafy greens are some of the best things to eat when you’re trying to lose weight. On top of being very low in calories, green vegetables can give you the nutrients and vitamins you need to get going through the day. Of course, I’m not telling you to punish yourself by eating leaves all the time. You can always jive it up! Just include them in more meals and increase their quantities in the dishes you cook. They’re fast to fill the stomach and to exit it as well. I’m telling you, guilt-free meals are not a pipe dream when you use leafy greens as ingredients. Make a salad, eat it raw, partner it with a roast every now and then. Enjoy your food while losing weight, okay?

Apple Cider Vinegar

Now, you’ve probably read about this before. Research shows that people who drink a tablespoon of RAW and UNFILTERED Apple Cider Vinegar before bed are likely to lose some weight. This tangy and sour condiment is often a favourite among women. I, for one, am a big fan of the taste! It’s edgy and sour but delicious at the same time. It’s the kind of thing I’d season on a sweet yet spicy dish like Korean short ribs! The thing to note here is that this is just a supplement of some sort and you still have to control what you eat. Also, you have to make sure to drink the raw version not the processed one you usually use for salads. You can also check out this list of  5 best women’s fat burners

Coffee or Green Tea

Yes, your usual beverage in the morning or afternoon is studied to have amazing weight losing properties. I’m pretty sure you won’t have a hard time loving these fat burners! Take note, however, that this is coffee or green tea we’re talking about – the plain ones. If you put too much sugar or milk in your cup, then that will defeat the whole purpose! 

Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels

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