How Often Do AC Units Need to be Serviced?

All air conditioning units need regular servicing. If your AC unit is not serviced on time, it will struggle to work properly, creating reliability and energy efficiency problems. While every homeowner or business owner knows that every air conditioning Sydney installation requires periodic maintenance, most people don’t know how often servicing is required. It is important you know this and ensure timely servicing of your AC system.

Frequency of AC Servicing

An AC unit should be serviced every 6 months, once in autumn and once in spring. This helps keep the system clean, its components in good shape and ensures it is working at its optimal levels. Even when you have no reasons to suspect any issues, you should stick to this schedule. Over time, dust, dirt, and other particles and debris can accumulate in the air filters and coils. This can create build ups that affect the system’s operation and efficiency.

Typically, your AC maintenance company should check the lines and connections, pressure levels, refrigerant levels, coils, drain line, temperatures, blower, and motor among other parts. While periodic professional servicing is a must, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check the AC yourself. 

Importance of Periodic AC Servicing

Lack of timely servicing can prevent your air conditioning system from cooling the space effectively. Even after it stays on for hours, the space can remain warm. This can result in higher power bills, expensive repairs, and a non-functional aircon.

Some of the benefits of following the recommended maintenance schedule are as follows:

  • Improved lifespan and efficiency of the system
  • Improved indoor air quality, thus preventing allergies and respiratory problems
  • More energy savings
  • Identifying minor issues early on and fixing them before they become major costly repairs

Tips for AC Maintenance

When getting your semi-annual AC maintenance service, make sure the following are also taken care of:

  • Changing the Air Filters: The air filters keep out dust, dirt, and other airborne particles from your AC unit’s internals. Make sure these filters are regularly changed so that the air conditioning system can work at its optimal capacity.
  • Keep the Condenser Area Clean: The condenser is located outside and is exposed to dirt, falling branches, bushes, and different types of debris. Make sure it is protected from such debris, critters, and mechanical damages.
  • Check the Vent Covers: If you have a central AC system, check the vents regularly for any signs of build up of mould. 

If it is a mini-split system, there will be a blower unit. Remove the cover and check the filters and give them a vacuum or wash.

So, it is recommended to follow these tips to ensure your AC unit continues to perform at its best levels. Whether you need duct-based or Split Air conditioning Repair sydney, it must be serviced by a licensed and experienced professional with specialised knowledge. As mentioned above, timely maintenance can go a long way in extending the lifespan of the unit while providing the best-possible cooling.

Photo by Raychan on Unsplash