How the Green Screen Background Is Opening Up Plenty of Opportunities For Video Makers

The quality of filmmaking and cameras have advanced over the past few years. Technical advancements also have increased the use of green and blue screens. If you are planning to implement the green screen in your next project, you should better check out the following post. 

But before getting into further details, you should start with defining the chroma key compositing and also take a look at the reasons to use green as the background in the first place. It will definitely help you to decide whether the use of the color permanently will help for all the videos that you are planning to release. 

Defining the chroma key

Chroma key compositing is a highly advanced technique where you can layer two images together based on the color hues. Each color has a certain chroma range, and that’s the source for the term chroma key. 

The solid background will be essentially serve as a matte backdrop for the footage. During the post-production work, the professionals can even remove the solid color background to make it transparent and allow compositing.

Green screen- the miraculous backdrop

These days, most digital cameras capture more information on the green channel. This will result in a cleaner key with fewer noise artifacts around the subject. 

  • The green screen background will always require less light. Hence, when you are shooting for a small video clip on behalf of the company, you don’t have to go over budget to arrange for the special lights. All you need is to set the lights once at the right angle to ensure that you are visible properly on the screen. 
  • Green is a brighter color. That is why the spill from the green screen will aid in compositing subjects into the daytime scenes easily. 

Therefore, the videos will always look natural when you use the green screen behind. You will also be surprised to know that most of the professional digital keying effects and tools have the default setup to key out green by default. 

Endless possibilities

When you shoot a promotional video for the company, and you have a low budget, it is not possible to select multiple locations for the purpose. Moreover, it will be an elaborate process too. Why take the headache when the same is possible without changing your original location?

The green backgrounds will open up a plethora of possibilities for the background. Hoot the video using the green screen, and the professional editors will keep on changing the background suitable to the video by keying out the green color. It’s the best and most cost-effective option in the present market. 

  • It will cut down the cost of flying to different cities.
  • Break the monotony of a video with a few clicks on the mouse.

But most importantly, the options of background choice will be endless. 

An affordable option

If you are still thinking about the investment, you should not worry about the pricing either. These are low-cost items, and you will get further discounts from the reputed sellers if you order in bulk. 

Image by Bokskapet from Pixabay 

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