How to Accurately Measure a Ring Size

An engagement or wedding ring is an exceedingly essential object for an engaged or married individual that they wear or own for life. For people who keep them on their fingers at all times, the correct fitting of the rings becomes a necessary factor to consider during the purchase. Overall, a ring must come with a band size that makes it neither too tight nor too loose on the wearer’s finger such that it does not put pressure or fall off. 

For that reason, it is imperative to accurately check and determine the ring size for a person before and adjust after purchasing any sort or kind of ring for them. A few ways to do so exist. Let us see what they are.

Sizing Tools or Guides

A few tools or guides exist that help to make out a particular size for the ring band. These tools may differ from country to country but have a fixed standard that they follow. They aid in getting the correct width of the finger that the ring gets put on within a short span. For example, Moissanite engagement rings use the standard ring sizing system that is prevalent in America. 

Another plausible and feasible option to get the required ring size checked is through a jeweler. Being professionals in the field, these workers have the necessary knowledge and tools to determine the data with minimal to no manual error. 

Re-sizing of the Rings

If a person feels that a ring is too tight or too loose, they may opt for the re-sizing option. Although this process requires an additional expenditure, it ensures that the engagement or wedding ring does not get discarded due to the incorrect fitting.  

For re-sizing, if a ring needs to get loosened, the jewelers generally add more of the band’s material to it. They then laser weld the specific parts for a nearly perfect and seamless finish. They do not stretch the rings to preserve their original elegant look. Finally, the professional tighten or fix the gemstones and add the finishing touches. 

Tips to Measure Ring Size Accurately

Ring size cannot get measured through any random steps and procedures. It has particular methods that it must follow to get the perfect size of the ring band. Overall, a single measurement does not do; the data must get taken at least three consecutive times for the most accurate results.

The measuring scale must get wound around the finger moderately tightly but loose enough to allow it to slide over the knuckles. The scale must be a standard one and not of paper or string. It is because the latter tend to stretch on pulling, proffering inaccurate readings. 

Additionally, finger sizes may change depending on factors like the weather, mood of the individual, time of the day, alcohol intake, and so on. Considering all these points, the best moment to take the measurements is when the fingers become warm at the end of the day.

For those looking to give a ring as a surprise, the best way to go about it is to ask the family and friends of their significant other for the finger size. If this method does not work, they can refer to their previously-owned rings to get an idea or measure the finger width secretly.

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