How to Become a Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer can be a very fulfilling career path to take on because you’re working with people who are trying to get fit and healthy. As you guide them along that path, you can see transformations happen, and that can be very satisfying to see as a PT. Here are some tips on how to become a personal trainer.

Get Fit Yourself

It’s important to focus on getting fit yourself first before you become a personal trainer. If you’re not able to keep up with those that you’re training or be able to show workouts without getting out of breath yourself, then you’re going to struggle. Also, being out of shape isn’t going to be helpful when you’re trying to attract new clients to work with. Consider what you’d like to achieve when getting fit because everyone’s version of it is different. Work on your fitness levels until you’re at the point where you’re happy with yourself. That way, you’re ready to start working with others on their fitness goals.

Figure Out What You Want To Specialize In

Being a personal trainer is just one element of your training. You might want to specialize in specific areas, and that can end up making you more appealing to a wide range of clients. For example, taking a nutrition course will probably help you to charge a little more so that you can provide your clients with a diet plan on what to eat to help speed up the process of losing weight. If nutrition isn’t something you’re interested in, then perhaps it’s bodybuilding or helping women to have more confidence in weight-lifting. There are plenty of specialties that you could utilize to add more strings to your bow as a personal trainer.

Make Sure You’re A People Person

When you’re dealing with different types of people, you need to be someone who is good with people. If you’re not or you think you could work on that element of your personality, then now is a good time to practice. Being a good people person is just like customer service and to improve your customer service, you need to almost create a script that you can use on clients. This will become more natural eventually, but it’s definitely something worth using to begin with, even if you find it more difficult to socialize and talk to people.

Gain Work Experience

Work experience is important when becoming a personal trainer, so you may want to find some local gyms or other qualified personal trainers to mentor you. Working in a gym is useful to do, even if you’re not a personal trainer yet as this can help you get used to the environment and speaking to people about their fitness. You’ll also be helping people to use equipment, and you might even be running some classes, which can help.

Becoming a personal trainer will take a lot of dedication to your fitness and to the fitness of others. You need to be committed to it, but it’s a journey worth doing.

Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

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