How to Bring Luxury To Your Apartment

No matter how much you love your apartment, it can get a little cluttered. But this does not have to be the case. There are ways to make your home look and feel luxurious without spending a lot of money. Luxury is all about appearances, and how your home looks from the outside reflects what you see when you look in the mirror. If you’re residing in a small apartment, it may seem like there is no way to bring luxury into your space. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Luxury doesn’t have to come with a high price tag, and these tips will help you get that lavish feeling without spending too much money on decorations or furniture.

Arrange the Living Room

Arrange your living room so it feels like a home theater. If you live in an apartment and space is limited, create the illusion of more by using furniture to expand where people can sit or stand while watching TV. Put two couches facing each other with one coffee table between them for drinks, snacks, etc. The couch on the left should be just off the wall so a person can sit on it and watch TV. The couch to the right should also have one chair that faces the coffee table for people who want to sit close with their significant other or friend while watching television. Lay  Ziegler rugs in front of the couches to provide a soft, cozy spot for people to sit or kneel. Place one modern painting on each wall and use bright lighting over the couch from either floor lamps or an overhead chandelier with adjustable arms.

Add Plants

Adding plants is always an easy way of giving your space some life. Place indoor jasmine plants on top of the coffee table or an office desk to add scent. Use plants to soften up any space without spending too much money. In the balcony lay green shaggy area rugs to create a grassy feel. Make a vertical garden by stacking pots filled with colorful flowers around the patio or balcony.

Use Mirrors

One can never go wrong with mirrors in the home. Mirrors are all about light and making your home look more spacious, so try adding one across from where you hang art to create the illusion of a larger gallery. Mirrors also benefit from creating more light with their reflective properties, which is perfect for making your home look brighter and less dark.

Use candles and Lanterns

Lighting can make and design any room in the house. Candles are an elegant way to bring some warmth into your space by using them on coffee tables, end tables, and mantles. A candlelit dinner for two is a great way to make your space feel more intimate while also making it seem cozier. To learn more about home renovation and designing, read “Ten mistakes to avoid when planning a home renovation” for redesigning faultless.

Replacing your light bulbs with soft-white LED lights

White is often used as an interior design color for its ability to make rooms look bigger and brighter, so if you are looking for some quick and easy ways to freshen up your home without painting walls, replacing light fixtures is a great place to start. Replacing your light bulbs with soft-white LED lights is one of the best ways to make an instant difference in any room. This does not involve taking anything down or hiring contractors, making it a quick and easy update for anyone with lighting fixtures looking for something new and fresh. White walls are one of the most popular choices because they make space look bigger and brighter.

Remodel Your Bathroom

Remodeling your entire bathroom might sound like an expensive, time-consuming ordeal but the reality is that it doesn’t have to be. There are various changes you can implement with less effort or cost to make a large impact. Change floor tiles and bathtub. Add some floor mats and washroom rugs to make it lively and stylish. Put a vase with flowers on the sink. Install new lighting and a mirror for an instant makeover. And in case you ever need to remodel or design a bathroom layout for a commercial space, consider contacting One Point Partitions for such projects.

Renovate the Kitchen Area 

A kitchen remodel and redesign is one of the most popular home renovations because it offers such large benefits. You can do it in just hours, not days or weeks, so you’ll get to spend less time worrying about cooking dinner on your old stove. Replacing hardware is a good place to start if you’re on the hunt for an inexpensive, easy update. Choose something more interesting than your basic chrome or brass finishes. Spice up your countertops with some colorful glass tiles and add new fixtures like under-counter lighting and a new faucet. A good idea is also to change the flooring, for instance, from tiles or wood to a carpeted surface to make your guests feel more at home. A dining table set with fancy china and hand-crafted flatware will go far in achieving this goal.

Go for Wallpapers

Retouch your walls with chic wallpapers. There are enormous options out there, and the best part about them is that they’re relatively inexpensive. They can be applied to any surface in your home, but you have to make sure it’s a smooth one – such as walls or ceilings with no molding or framing, drywall without textured patterns paint, or a surface primed with an oil-based primer.

Add Colorful Furniture and Artwork

Adding colorful furniture is a great way of adding some life to your space. Bright colored couches, throw pillows, chairs or ottomans are perfect for sofas. On the other hand, if you want just one piece of bright color in your home, then add it into an area that is the front door. To make your home feel more vibrant, try adding artwork or prints to the walls and frames for photographs. Frame some of your favorite artworks, such as an abstract painting, a nice photo of flowers you took on vacation in Paris, or even choose different styles instead by getting metal-framed pictures with beautiful typography that match the color scheme of your apartment. Place a simple bench in the living room and cover it with a traditional or vintage pattern rug from RugKnots for an artistic and vintage style.

It’s a Wrap

 You don’t need to be wealthy and rich, or live in a big mansion. There are plenty of ways you can bring luxury into your apartment and make it feel like the home you’ve always dreamed about living in. Start by making sure everything is organized, then find some comfortable furnishings that will last for years to come and mix them with stylish accents from places like west elm so they look high-end without breaking the bank.

Image by Amarjit Singh from Pixabay 

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