How to Carefully Clean and Reuse Your False Lashes

A nice pair of realistic-looking false lashes can be pretty expensive, so there’s no reason they shouldn’t be a long-lasting beauty accessory. Removing the remaining lashes of mascara mass and glue is very simple and can make them as clean as the day you bought them.

Knowing how to clean false eyelashes without destroying them will considerably extend their life span and might even save you some bucks. If you are looking for some classy and stylish eyelashes, you can check out 

We have gathered some tips from professionals to keep both your eyes as well as eyelashes healthy.

Removing Your Fake Lashes

Most individuals avoid touching their eyes, but removing your false eyelashes with tweezers, or using an eyelash curler, can do severe damage to your lashes. Here are the best ways to clear your eyelashes.

  1. Soak Your Mitts

Wash your hands with soap and water. You probably don’t want to touch your sensitive eye areas with dirty hands.

  1. Start Peeling Carefully

Grasp the outer corners of the eyelashes with your thumb and index finger and carefully peel them away. If using a bunch of individual eyelashes, pull them out per section with your fingers. The keyword here is careful – you don’t want to pull away from your natural lashes along with the fake ones.

  1. Cleaning Your Lashes

Try to use an eye makeup remover or a reusable cotton swab for removing any remaining glue from your natural lashes and eyelids. 

Equipment Required To Clean Your False Lashes

There are various different types of equipments, that are essential to clean your lashes properly. You can try mink fur eyelashes for get new extensions,strip lashes, eyelash tools and other products that don’t compromise your eye health.

  1. Qtips

They usually come with pointed and rounded tips. Having a gentle touch, they are perfect for cleaning the bands and the lash strips.

  1. Tweezers

The process of peeling off the adhesive can be made a lot easier with the help of tweezers.

  1. Baby Wipes or Makeup Remover

It helps to clean any glue remnants while pulling off the glues and holding your lashes.

  1. Micellar Water

Michelle water is highly recommended for use on the eyelash, as they do not damage the eyelashes or irritate your eyes. The primary purpose is to break down the adhesive and make it easier to remove. It covers all everyday mascara and waterproof mascara.

  1. Washcloths or Clean Towels

The work surface needs to be clean. It is advised to use sanitary towels to absorb most of the eyelash cleaning products without making any mess.

How To Properly Clean Your Fake Eyelashes

Most of us apply 1 to 2 coats of mascara on our false lashes, as it adds a beautiful volume to our lashes. But overuse of this product can make your false eyelashes look wrinkled and damaged.


 Moreover, it might open up the possibility of getting an eye infection while wearing them. But you probably now have all the products you need to clean your eyelashes in your cabinet.

  1. First, check the type of eyelashes you use. Synthetic eyelashes and natural eyelashes must be washed and disinfected separately. However, most eyelashes on the market today are synthetic, and most companies tend to stay away from natural fibers.
  1.  Take a cotton swab or a clean towel, and keep some rubbing alcohol or an eye makeup remover that is oil-free.
  1. After placing your false lashes over a clean towel and soak the end of a swab with alcohol or eye makeup remover, squeeze off any excess residue.
  1. Gently scrub away the eye makeup and glue from your lashes with a cotton swab. Particularly, attention should be paid to the bands on the eyelashes. The bands on the eyelashes usually accumulate the most amount of dirt or dust.
  1. Wipe off the mascara residue with a cotton swab soaked in lukewarm water. Remove any remaining eyelash adhesive on your band.
  1. Then, after soaking the cotton in lukewarm water, wipe the eyelashes without any makeup remover products. When using mink eyelashes, use only a minimal amount to avoid damage.
  1.  Please pay close attention to the eyelash strips as it is essential to keep them very clean so that bacteria do not accumulate as the eyelash strips come into direct contact with the eyes. You can also perform additional steps to disinfect by spraying rubbing alcohol with a grade of at least 70%.
  1. Finally, gently stroke the lashes and place them on a lint-free towel. Let them sit on the towel and let them dry usually. When completely dry, store them in the box they came in first. If possible, place it in the original semicircle position. This will keep it in shape and keep it clean. Just so your fakes are ready to wear the next time you go out.

Another Effective Way For Cleaning off the Mascara from your Lashes

This is a crucial step, especially if you have applied a small amount of mascara on the lashes. Ignore this step when your lashes are made of natural fibers like Mink. You should not apply Mascara to Mink Eyelashes. 

You can compare various eyelash size charts available online and choose your desired size accordingly.

Use a cotton pad instead of cotton buds. After soaking them in micellar water, sandwich your lashes between the places and gently scrub or massage them. However, you can also use a clean spoolie, or a Q-Tip dipped in makeup remover for cleaning the mascara.

How to Clean Lashes Made of Natural Fibres

Mink and other natural fiber eyelashes usually do not require additional mascara. If you want to use mascara anyway, try to use it only on your natural lashes before applying your mink lashes. After you have used them, gently remove the adhesive with tweezers. 

If you use water or other cleaning products, they will lose their shape. In case you can’t remove something, try rolling a soaked cotton swab over your lashes.


This cleaning process is not very time-consuming, especially when cleaning makeup brushes, and the result is worth it. Also, don’t forget to clean the eyelash storage case weekly! If you doubt which product you use to clean your eyelashes, make sure you are not using anythingharsh that irritates your eyes.

Photo by Israelzin Oliveira from Pexels

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