How To Dominate the Chicago Music Scene as A Female Artist

Chicago has seen some incredible female talent in the music industry over the years. From the hair-raising vocals of Jennifer Hudson to the cool jazz and blues of Patricia Barber, it’s safe to say the talent from this bustling city is admirable.

But what does it take to dominate the busy Chicago scene as a female artist? Today, we will be discussing the things you need to know to make it as a female artist. From knowledge down to skills, we cover it all so grab your pen and paper, this is about to be a good one..

Become Musically Literate

So, you have an incredible voice? That’s all well and good but do you know how to read and write music? How will you create a song if you can’t write them in the first place? It’s vital as a growing musician that you become musically literate as quickly as possible. For some artists, this doesn’t come naturally and that’s ok. Some musicians feel becoming musically literate is not necessary. However, music is a language and being able to process your songs visually will only help you to become a better artist in the future. You can learn more about reading music online. The internet is full of incredible resources which can help you become more musically literate to help enhance your skills further. 


Dominating the Chicago music scene is not an easy challenge and there is a high level of talent to compete with. If you want to get your sound heard by others, then you need to start networking with other like-minded people in the industry. Networking allows you to build important relationships with industry professionals who can help your career. Have you ever heard the saying “it’s not what you know it’s who you know” well, the same rule applies here and the more professional contacts you have by your side, the more options there are to get your voice heard on the scene.

Networking is not something that comes naturally to all of us. In fact, some musicians can shy away from it, but this can stunt their growth. There are plenty of musician networking tips out there that you can follow and learn from. Before you know it, that contact list will be growing by the minute. 

Surround Yourself with Talent

No matter how much you believe in your own sound, the music industry always has a new challenge around the corner. You may need to learn a new skill or learn to express yourself more in your vocals. One of the ways you’re going to learn to face these challenges head on is by surrounding yourself with musicians who are better than you. Surround yourself with people who are going to teach you the skills to better your vocals and inspire you to become an even better artist.

Recording studios are a great place to find these people. Choose the right studio and you’ll always be crossing paths with artists and other like-minded people from the industry. Luckily, you can find a recording studio in Chicago with the help of PIRATE. A well-known name in the industry, PIRATE have housed some of the greatest musicians in their studios over the years and are praised for their sense of community. If you want to brush shoulders with some legends in the industry, then PIRATE studios is the place to be. 

Understand That Music Is a Business

If you want to make it big as an artist, then you need to understand that music is a business. A lot of musicians don’t want to see music as a business as it is more of an art form. However, if you are looking to make it big and you want to quit your day job then you need to get your business mind on and start to understand how this industry works. Music is a commodity for a lot of people, and it works based on supply and demand. In order to get your voice heard, you need to perform and release records so people can buy into your sound. 

As an artist you need time to create your music, but your listeners don’t want to wait years in between records. It’s all about learning how to balance it. Take a look into the music industry facts that every artist needs to know. Gaining this knowledge early will only help you to grow as an artist.

Understand The Importance of Marketing

Marketing is an important aspect of music. Like we previously mentioned, music is a business and every good business needs a clear marketing strategy. Sure, you might make some great music but how is it going to reach an audience? How will you make your voice heard? This is where a clever marketing strategy will really come into its own. Building a website and deciding how you will send out your music are all part of your marketing plan and will be the bridge between you as an artist and getting your voice heard. 

There are marketing strategies that all musicians should know and conducting some research of your own can help you better yourself as an artist. Gaining an understanding of how you want to market your sound and who your ideal listeners are will help you better understand which media outlets to target. For example, the chances are your sound won’t suit every radio station in Chicago so it is better to have that understanding of where your music will fit into the scene. Marketing will help you with that. 

Get Inspired

Inspiration is everywhere you look and one great thing that exists are biographies. Taking time to read biographies of successful musicians in the industry cannot only help you feel inspired, but you may also be able to learn lessons from them. Most musicians’ biographies will take you through the highs and lows of their career and you can use this knowledge to your advantage to further help you grow as an artist and learn from other people’s mistakes. 

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