How to Find Your Personal Style

We all inherently comprehend the power of clothing on a basic level. For example, nobody would wear sweatpants when meeting potential in-laws for the very first time. We all understand that how we dress reflects who we are as individuals. Unfortunately, the word “style” has become so jumbled with so many other words, meanings, and connotations that we’ve lost sight of how important it is to the everyday person. We are what we wear and how we dress can have physical, psychological, social, and emotional consequences on us. Here are tips you’ll find valuable on how to find your personal style.

Look for fashion ideas

Find out who or what inspires you and take Fashion Cues from them. Most of us grew up in a culture that was super conservative and hence learned to avoid showing much of our skin. That may be a potential source of your style.You can even draw inspiration from your favorite actor, actress or musician. If this is the case, find out what you can easily replicate or what you can tweak to fit your personal style. Be careful not to put too much pressure on yourself trying to keep up with all the Joneses of emerging fashion trends even if they are from your idol.

Consider your lifestyle

Your lifestyle highly influences your personal style and clothing choices. Make sure that your wardrobe matches your daily routine and activities. If you’re a stay-at-home parent, you know how important it is to be comfortable. If you work as an executive in a legal firm, you know how important it is to look neat and professional. When defining your style, keep your lifestyle in mind since you want to design a wardrobe that reflects your reality.

Being trendy doesn’t necessarily mean that you are stylish. It simply means  that you keep up with the newest fashions and trends. Having style by definition, means being fashionable and entails displaying grace, taste, and refinement in your dressing. Being stylish involves having enough sense to put together a good ensemble. It’s all about knowing what looks well on you. To develop your personal style, follow your senses and not the crowd.If you have a clothing item that really makes you happy, wear that.

Check your wardrobe

Assess your wardrobe and let go of clothes that you no longer wear. If a clothing item does not fit anymore, discard it or donate it to charity. Make sure that what you have in your wardrobe is quality and makes you feel fabulous and happy. You can benefit from having certain clothing items in your wardrobe. OEM Jackets for example are stylish, affordable, and you can wear them in any season. If anything in your wardrobe does not reflect your ultimate style goal, let it go.

Put your best assets forward

Play up your best assets to find your particular style. If you have slender biceps, call attention to them by wearing bright colors on top and dark colors below. Choose to wear something that flatters your figure or physique. You want to feel good in your clothes’ while also looking stunning.

Take into account your entire look.

While the goal is to find your style, it’s important not to overlook other accessories that will complete your look such as makeup. You want your makeup to compliment your clothes and highlight your best assets. If you are a lash enthusiast, don’t settle for junky looking eyebrows. Custom lash vendors Starseed have quality and wide variety of lashes for you to choose from.

While we’re mostly talking about clothes, true style also includes beauty and accessories. You’ll never feel as fashionable as possible if you’re dissatisfied with your entire look. You can even pair up that leather jacket that you like with a leather-phone-case for your phone to complete your look.

Consider all your options

When it comes to finding your personal style, don’t be hesitant to venture outside your comfort zone. Be open to a wide range of suggestions. You will discover a lot more as a result of this, and you may be shocked and interested in what you discover. It’s incredibly liberating to learn and experience new levels of understanding. It’s also fun to broaden your fashion horizons.

Look for your signature piece.

What are the distinguishing features of your personal style? What item in your wardrobe says a lot about you? It could be that pair of jeans that you can never part with. Style is one of the most important aspects of developing your personal brand, and likewise your personal brand can help develop your style. A signature item can help you easily kick up your style. Find out what this item is, and you’ll be a step closer to finding your look.


All things considered, trust your gut and put on what makes you feel the most beautiful version of yourself. Wearing the season’s most out-there trend pieces will look strange if you have a more conventional style. Spend some time figuring out what you’re naturally inclined to and cultivate that passion to find your personal style.

Photo by JoelValve on Unsplash