How to Get Better Skin

Many women struggle with their skin, whether it be blemishes, spots, wrinkles or a dull texture. Expensive spa trips and fancy creams all claim to be the secret to a perfect complexion, but there are easier (and less expensive!) ways to get the best skin of your life.

Get your beauty sleep

Making sure you get a good night’s sleep is an easy way to start looking your best! If you’ve ever pulled an all-nighter, you know it can do a number on your appearance: research shows that sleep deprivation leads to periorbital hyperpigmentation, aka dark circles under your eyes. Just don’t forget to change your pillowcase often — it traps sweat and oil and can cause breakouts if it isn’t washed often enough. 

Hydration is key

You should be drinking approximately eight glasses of water a day for your health and your skin benefits too! Dehydration can dry out your skin, leaving your complexion looking dull or pale, and the lack of essential nutrients can lead to signs of ageing. Also make sure to use a daily moisturizer to lock in all the moisture, even if you have oily skin!

Everybody needs to wear sunscreen

Protect your skin! Sun exposure can visibly age you with skin thinning, wrinkles, or freckling, not to mention putting you at risk for skin cancer. Wear sunscreen that blocks both UVB and UVA light and reapply frequently when you’re in the sun. And don’t think you can skip the SPF on cloudy days! You can still get sun damage. 

Know when to go to a professional

There’s a lot that you can do yourself with the right products, but you could do serious damage to your skin trying to replicate the dermatologist’s office in your bathroom. Some people have burned themselves with at-home chemical peels. If you want to try a more serious procedure like microdermabrasion or laser hair removal, search “laser clinic Melbourne” and go to a professional!

Stick to a routine

Washing your face every night is important to remove makeup, dirt, oil, and air pollutants from the day, but it shouldn’t be the only step in your skincare routine. Moisturizers, serums, and night creams should play a role in your regimen; but the most important part is to stay disciplined and keep it up every day! Even if you’re tired from a long day, washing your makeup off and putting on an overnight mask is necessary to keep your skin looking bright.

Prevent, not pick

Everyone gets pimples. They are unfortunately a fact of life! However, if you find a blemish forming on your skin, you shouldn’t pick or pop it. As tempting as it may be, you could cause permanent scarring by popping a pimple. Instead, try adding topical medication or drying lotions that shrink the pimples. You can also try a more natural approach, like applying ice wrapped in a towel to the pimple to bring down the redness and swelling.

Life can get busy, but you should find a little time in your day to take care of your skin – it will be worth it.

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