How to Save When Shopping

Usually, we spend most of our money on groceries. This fact does not surprise anyone, because food is necessary for us to function properly.

For this reason, we will spend the last money we have left just to eat well. However, it is possible can save a lot on food, of course, provided that you save wisely. What are the ways to spend less money on grocery shopping?

Search for promotions

In-store promotions have become so trivial and commonplace that we don’t even pay attention to them. This is a big mistake as these weekly specials are a great opportunity to save a lot of money. Moreover, during such promotions you can buy high-quality food at a low price. What’s more, almost every major supermarket organises weekly special offers, thanks to which you can buy a large amount of good-quality food products at a very low price. What you save ends up in your wallet, and your fridge is systematically filled with delicious and healthy food. Supermarkets organise their promotions in such a way that you can do grocery shopping each month at a price much lower than the standard price. Interestingly, promotional offers have become so trendy and commonplace that supermarkets try to outdo each other to tempt customers with the best possible offers. This is a great way to increase traffic and, for customers, to refill their refrigerators cheaply.

Weekly ads

One of the most frequently used methods of searching for new promotions today are promotional leaflets. They provide a large amount of information about each promotion in a given store. Promotional newsletters have been known to us for many years, so their popularity is not surprising. We can most often meet such brochures when leaving the store. However, as we live in digital age there are places where you can find online the collection of weekly ads from different stores. The nice example can be It has been designed to be as intuitive as possible – looking through online promotional leaflets is just as convenient as if you were browsing their paper versions. What’s more you will have access to promotional leaflets of the largest stores such as BI-LO and ALDI, on any device with Internet access. Shopping with discounts is now easier than ever.


Different way of saving on buying food are coupons. With a coupon in many places you can get for example 2 burgers in the price of one. Coupons are popular for many years, but they changed the form from paper one to digital one. Many stores and restaurants have their own app where you can find useful coupons, so it’s worth to check it even during shopping

Loyalty card

Practically every store gives you the opportunity to set up a loyalty card. So, if you often shop somewhere, it is worth it to have it. With a loyalty card, you can often collect points that you can exchange for other products or discounts. Additionally, you will be the first to know about sales and promotions.

Get prepared

Apart from all the methods of buying things cheaper there is one important rule that will help you to spend less – simply be prepared. Do not go shopping in the rush and always prepare the shopping list before.  This will protect you from making quick and ill-considered decisions. What’s even more important – never go to shop to buy food when you are hungry. You are more susceptible to smells and sights. Everything seems tasty and needed!

Photo by Maria Lin Kim on Unsplash

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