How To Speed Up Your Rhinoplasty Surgery Recovery

If you are considering rhinoplasty, or a nose job as it is commonly called, then you have to understand that you are going to need some time to recover. Any surgery will require that, but few will be as visible as surgery on your face.

The faster you can speed up the process, then the easier the decision to get rhinoplasty will be.

The time you need for a full recovery is quite long. It takes a year, in fact. But, it doesn’t take all of that time to get back to your normal routine. When you go to a good surgeon like the best rhinoplasty Toronto surgeon, then your recovery won’t be that long, but you can still take steps to speed it up.

Listen to your doctor

Before you take any advice from an online source, or your friend that had the surgery already, listen to what your doctor tells you to do.

Every surgery is different and recovery times vary based on that. Not only that but every patient is different which further complicates the advice you may get from somebody else.

When your doctor recommends a specific thing to do to recover, then make sure you follow the instructions to a T.

Keep your head elevated

You’ll likely lose a little sleep for the first few weeks as you recover since you will have to sleep while propped upright.

If you sleep on your side, you can actually make your recovery time much longer. You’ll likely end up with more bruising that you originally had from the surgery itself. Swelling won’t go down as quickly and a worst case scenario is that the nose becomes displaced.

Get a wedge pillow to lie comfortably against at night so your head stays upright. If you are tempted to turn onto your side, then get some body pillows to prop your sides up and make it harder to turn over.

Avoid exercise

You can probably get away with some stretching like some very light yoga after a few weeks post surgery. Do not do any complicated poses and make sure your head is always upright if you plan to do some yoga.

Running or lifting weights are a really bad idea as you can end up with nosebleeds.

Stay out of the sun

Getting a sunburn anytime is bad news. When you are recovering from rhinoplasty surgery it can increase your recovery time. Not only that but a sunburn when you are healing could cause you even more discomfort. Infections are also an issue if you have a particularly bad burn.

Even a tan on your nose as you recover is not good as you will likely have dark patches around where the scarring is as that area will be lighter.

Be patient

If you decide to do anything against your doctor’s advice, or try to go right back to your old routine, you are just going to make the recovery longer. Make these adjustments to your lifestyle and stick with them for a speedy recovery.

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