How to Take Your Makeup Up a Notch

Every woman has a makeup routine that they rely on. Perhaps it takes one minute; perhaps it takes an hour. Sometimes it just consists of whatever you pick out of your makeup bag first! Whatever your makeup routine, there are some days when your usual look just won’t do! Maybe it’s a party, a national holiday or you just feel like get creative!

Go two-toned!

No, we’re not talking about a bad lip-liner job! Two-tone lips are entirely intentional! This tutorial creates a two-toned red lip and looks stunning. But you can get creative with whatever shades you fancy. Just ensure that the darker shade lines the lips, while the lighter shade goes on the inside. Go dark red and bright red for a nighttime look. Or, if you’re feeling brave, take the look into the daylight with a darker pink rim and a lighter pink centre.

Add lashings of lashes!

It is incredible the difference that a good set of eyelashes can make. They can make eyes look way bigger than usual and add a dramatic touch to makeup that mascara just can’t replicate. For the best effect, look for ones that are hand assembled, like Flutter fake lashes. These aren’t just normal false eyelash material either; they’re made from mink fur. Consider the thickness of the lashes against the rest of your look. If you’re already doing a bright lip, go for finer lashes. But if your eyes are the main event, go all out!

Discover the wonders of contouring

Just a couple of years ago, contouring was a thing only the very best at makeup knew how to do. Now everyone is at it, and for good reason. The difference it can make to your look is incredible. Some of the transformations you’ll see online are almost unbelievable. So how can you replicate this? Well, you’ll need two things. First, the products. Second, the techniques. You can look online for advice on both of these things, but consider getting advice in person. Make up counters are ideal for this. You don’t have to pay for a quick consultation and the make up artists will have all the knowledge. They will be able to recommend whether your skin type would suit liquid, cream or powder contouring products. They might even give you quick tutorial for free! Alternatively, if you would rather teach yourself at home, this article might help.

Embrace your glittery side!

Glitter is not just for toddlers and birthday cards! A splash of sparkle across the cheek-bones is a subtle way for glitter virgins to get started. But if you want to go a little bolder. Think eyes or lips! If you decide to go eyes, invest in a glitter glue. This will stop it from dropping down into your eyes. Alternatively, if you’re happy to drink through a straw all day or night, coat your lips. You’ll need a base of lip-liner and lipstick. Then take a lip brush and dab a little liquid sugar onto it. This recipe is for iced drinks, but it will do the job for glitter lips too. Dab your wet brush into your glitter pot and work your way over the lips.

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