Hybrid Flooring: A New Era of Quality and Durable Flooring

Not many may have heard of hybrid flooring, compared to the traditional tiles, laminate, vinyl, parquet, carpet, but hybrid flooring is a new flooring product that is making a headway into people’s home, and it is well-renowned for its build quality and appearance. It is basically an amalgamation of laminate (durability and strength) and vinyl (soft and luxurious look) that is brought together about by a period of engineering and research.

What makes hybrid flooring better?

The internal components of hybrid flooring are made up of: recycled wood, bamboo dust, limestone, and virgin PVC, which costs more than the fabrication of laminate or vinyl. Hybrid flooring is also made up of a few layers: the first layer provides the stain, scratch and Ultraviolet (UV) resistant properties, and the second layer provides the realistic wood (or stone) design with hand-scraped texture. The third layer consists of a waterproof core that allows it to be placed in wet areas.

Uses of hybrid flooring

Hybrid flooring can be used in homes or even commercial spaces. As it is UV resistant, do not worry about discolouration in the sunny parts of your house. Hybrid flooring can also be used in wet areas such as the bathrooms, kitchen or even yard, unlike traditional laminate or vinyl. Using the right designs, colour on the floor and walls, and even adding a touch of greenery, its waterproof properties allow you to recreate a ‘Forest’ theme. Perfect for those who like a bathroom in the woods!

Benefits of using hybrid flooring

Using hybrid flooring in your home can provide a number of benefits: a rigid core technology minimises the hollow sound produced when you are walking on it. There is also added comfort, due to the added cushion and sound absorption properties. The durability of hybrid flooring is also much longer and it is resistant (mostly) to stains, scratches, and even foot traffic. Still, care and precaution must be taken as even porcelain (very hard tiles) can be scratched. Hybrid flooring is also a cheaper alternative to traditional hardwood flooring, and it does not require much maintenance.

Matching your preferred design

Have you ever seen a preferred design theme on the Internet and wish to replicate certain aspects of it? While there are many design themes out there such as: Scandinavian, Modern, Industrial, Zen, Luxury (and many more), the flooring and carpentry (furniture) play a very important aspect in designing your dream home. For example, you may wish to create a contrast between your carpentry and flooring by choosing a dual tone shade, instead of having a colour similar to each other. The lifelike appearance of the different designs of hybrid flooring will allow you to do just that, as compared to vinyl or laminate.

Why does hybrid flooring cost more?

The price of purchasing and installing hybrid flooring may be more than vinyl or laminate, but keep in mind that this is a high quality product which is made in detail and could last you a lifetime. In-depth research and development has been made in order to produce the most accurate appearance of natural hardwood, and the unmatched waterproof abilities has made it a strong competitor, despite its relatively new entrance into the flooring market.

As hybrid flooring is a new player in the industry, there may be bound to be imitations and replicas on the market. This could adversely affect the build quality if you are trying to save some money by purchasing it without doing your research, or even without viewing any samples (especially from retailers who are only offering online purchases). Save yourself the trouble and invest in good hybrid flooring, which could last you for many years to come.

Photo: Pixabay

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