Interior Design: How Do Fashion Influencers Impact the Latest Trends?

There’s no doubt that social media is one of the most powerful platforms in the world. Popular personalities, known as influencers, use this to their advantage: through channels like Instagram, it’s possible to use paid brand partnerships to inspire millions of followers.

However, the power of influencers extends far beyond just what they wear. And since almost a third of all Instagram users are aged between 18-24 years old, the most impressionable audience is also one of the most prevalent.

When it comes to home and interior design, fashion influencers play an important role in defining trends on an enormous scale. From unique aesthetics to lifestyle trends, it’s worth knowing how influencers play a part in the decisions we make for our homes. 

Influencers and home design trends: What’s the link?

  1. Aesthetics

Above all, social media influencers want to look good. If influencers work on a freelance basis, it’s more than likely that they record and produce their content in their own homes.

And no matter the setup, followers will notice the furniture and décor within an influencer’s home. Lovely home backdrops might feature bespoke fitted wardrobes, queen-sized bed frames and plush furnishings too. From there, it’s easy for a new trend to start via social media. 

  • Lifestyle branding

Most social media influencers are tied to a certain lifestyle industry. Whether that’s a hobby or a professional job, it’s hard for influencers to have more than one ‘internet personality’ in the eyes of their fans.

Consequently, fashion influencers become ambassadors for the way they live. And if this involves eye to detail for luxury furniture, their followers will be encouraged to copy and adapt their interests.

  • ‘GRWM’ and room tours

If you’re not familiar with this trend, GRWM stands for ‘get ready with me’ – a much-loved trend across Instagram Reels and TikTok. These short videos usually involve an influencer getting ready for their daily routine, their chosen sport, something special they’re doing that day, or just an activity with friends.

Along with showing off the products they’ve (most likely) been paid to wear, GRWM videos provide followers with a snapshot of the influencer’s home or environment. From there, some fans notice certain features or items of furniture – and feel inspired to buy the same for their own home. 

  • Product reviews and recommendations

When social media influencers make their opinions known, it’s not unusual for most of their followers to agree with it – even if they’ve not researched the subject first.

As a result, it’s easy for followers to suddenly develop a liking or a preference for one brand over a competitor. Home design features, DIY products and accessories make no exception to this.

  • Collaboration and brand partnerships

Influencers often link up with major home décor brands, posting links to their products across different channels and profiles. As they feature products and services on their channels, this drives sales for the brands and sometimes contributes to rising popularity of their products too.

In conclusion, brand partnerships and lifestyle content easily turn into new trends in many areas across different sectors. From home improvements to the specific layout of furniture in a living room, an influencer can promote – and influence – almost any new home design trend. 

Photo by SHVETS production