Is It Worth Painting Your Own House?

To transform the look of your house, a new coat of paint is always more than enough. You can either hire a professional for painting your house or plan to do it all by yourself. Although painting the whole house might be a big job, it can be done in a couple of weeks.

By hiring a Brisbane Painter you might have to pay from $1500 to $6000 or more. The payment amount varies from the condition and size of your house. So if you plan to paint your home all by yourself, you can save the money on labour. It usually accounts for more than half of the cost required for painting. But you should keep it in mind that painting the home all by yourself would take some serious effort.

If you want to do the project in a correct manner then you must keep the following rules of exterior house painting in mind:

1. Carry out the necessary preparations: To make the paint stick to the walls, you must apply it to a dry and clean surface. To avoid peeling off, start by washing the surface. You can do with a pressure washer, scrub it off or use a hose. While using the pressure washer, do not drive the water deep into the joints of the surfaces.

2. Buy sufficient materials: Buy the top quality primers, caulking compound and paint. Good quality paint would last for a longer time besides covering the surfaces better.

3. Apply a minimum of two coats of paint: Start by applying a high quality primer for the base coat while painting over the bare surface. You can follow the method applied by a Commercial Painter Brisbane; that is, tinting the primer towards the final paint. Or, you can apply the primer along with a contrasting colour for highlighting the spots which remain uncovered.

4. Try to avoid lead paint: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has warned that any sort of home improvement work must not include lead paint. Presence of lead dust or chips is hazardous for health and can cause severe health problems for children and adults.

5. Include the right tools: For completing your work in the easiest way use high quality rollers, brush or air sprayers. They can be rented from several home improvement outlets or rental centres.

6. Paint by applying the proven techniques: If you are a painting novice, then don’t forget to do your homework. Make use of the free information available online from experts. The videos explaining painting techniques step by step would help you to paint your house seamlessly.

7. Wait for the perfect weather: Avoid painting your house during the rainy, windy or hot season. The perfect temperature for painting is between 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Low temperatures prevent your paint from adhering to the surface. While higher temperature would make your paint to dry easily. That’s why wait for the temperate weather.

So keep in mind the above mentioned steps, and go ahead for giving your house the perfect makeover.

Image by vixrealitum from Pixabay 

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