Junk Food Snacks You Never Knew Were Vegan

Being vegan no longer means eating only vegetables, pulses, and lentils. There has never been a better time to go plant-based. 

As more and more people choose veganism for ethical, environmental, or personal reasons, the number of foods suited to vegan diets is also on the rise. Even the big brands are getting in on the action with animal and dairy-free versions of classic snacks.

That’s not all. Canny vegans are waking up to the fact that a lot of their favorite snacks from their non-vegan life that they thought were just a memory are, in fact, ‘accidentally’ vegan. They weren’t created to be vegan – they just are. So lucky!  

Here are our faves. Need a snack of your own? Try foodpanda.pk.

Pillsbury Crescents

The makers of these opted to leave out butter from the recipe, replacing it with hydrogenated palm oil. It tastes just as good and lasts a lot longer. Plus, it makes these scrumptious rolls a tasty vegan snack.

Hershey Chocolate Syrup

Carte blanche to squirt it directly down your throat.

Thin Mints

These slimline chocolatey squares of deliciousness are a holiday favorite, invented around the time of WW2 as a robust and long-lasting snack for soldiers. Consisting of a thin piece of mint fondant covered in dark chocolate, they’re super-moreish and completely animal-free.

Sour Patch Kids/Swedish Fish

In the absence of cheesy nachos and chocolate for a movie theater treat, reach for a big bag of Sour Patch Kids. They’re chewy, tangy enough to leave your entire mouth tingling and completely gelatin-free.

If sour candy isn’t your thing, switch out your Sour Patch Kids or Swedish Fish for that same gummy vegan sweetness without the zing.


Although they’re often eaten dunked in a glass of cold milk, Oreos themselves, the heavenly discs of creamy, chocolatey goodness, don’t actually contain any dairy. At all. Sorcery! 

Original Fritos

The original flavor of Fritos contains just three ingredients – corn, corn oil, and salt. It’s incredible how tasty something can be with so few ingredients, isn’t it? As you can see from the short and noticeably animal-free ingredients list, these are the perfect salty snack for a committed vegan. Stick to original, though. Some of the other flavors aren’t quite so vegan-friendly.

Famous Amos Cookies – Peanut Butter

Amos is more famous for the chocolate chip cookies, but as they’re off-limits for vegans, try the peanut butter variety instead. Two vegan cookies with a big ol’ slab of peanut butter sandwiching them together? Sign us up!

Bac’n Pieces

Somehow, a garnish that tastes exactly like bacon has also managed to be completely vegan. Bac’n Pieces, those alarmingly red granules of smoky saltiness, contain no animal products at all. Go forth and sprinkle generously.

Ritz Crackers

Another item that tastes of butter despite not containing any butter at all, Ritz Crackers are a classic snack that’s great eaten solo or topped with other vegan toppings. Just try not to eat the whole box at once!

Peanut Butter

Straight out of the jar with a spoon.

Image by Robert Sebastian Gusoi from Pixabay

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