Latest Tie Trends of 2019: Get Ready to Turn Heads

A necktie seems a simple accessory, but men’s wardrobe is incomplete without it. With this accessory, you can update a collared shirt. Nowadays, you can buy a necktie in different colors, sizes, and patterns. It is easy to spot a quality tie by its material. For instance, 100% of silk can be an indication of high-quality ties. Lower-quality neckties are from thin and cheap materials. 

You can’t sacrifice your style with a cheap tie because it may be harmful to your personality. A high-quality tie is available in $40 or more. It will be a long-term investment because you can wear a necktie with different outfits. A comprehensive tie guide will help you to select the best necktie. Here are some latest tie trends and famous brands for 2019.

Latest Tie Trends for 2019

An evergreen, must-have necktie for men is black satin. You can’t ignore black in your wardrobe. This color can complement numerous dresses. Remember, satin ties are available in different colors.

If you need a tie for tuxedos, consider an eye-catching mint green tie. This silk tie looks beautiful because of its sheen. At the same time, you can’t ignore black dotted ties. Polka dots can’t be out of style. If you need a patterned tie, feel free to consider a dark tie with polka dots.

For informal occasions, you can wear a striped plaid patterned necktie. Similarly, orange and solid purple ties may increase your charm in social and formal events.   

Nordstrom Silk Tie

Nordstrom offers stylish ties at an affordable price. They use high-quality silk to make ties for professional and social events. After wearing this tie, you will feel smarter and confident. Cost of these ties may vary between $40 and $80. Remember, Nordstrom is famous for their quality and designs. If you need something impressive, consider their silk ties.

Brooks Brothers

For a classic style, you can’t forget Brooks Brothers. If you need a high-quality necktie for each occasion, consider their classic pieces. You can buy 100% silky ties in $50 – $80. Brooks Brothers are always famous for high-quality and stylish ties. These are suitable to complement your suit, sport coat, or dress shirt.

Burberry Manston Ties

If you are searching for the best ties, you can’t ignore the classic designs of Burberry Manston. This British luxury brand is famous for ties, trademark scarves, and several other items. Feel free to buy these ties for professional and social functions. 

You can buy special neckties in the iconic shades of Burberry. With these ties, you can give a touch to luxury and class to your formal suit. These neckties are expensive, but Burberry will not disappoint you with their true quality and timeless style.

Calvin Klein

Cost of these ties may vary between $20 and $30. The young professional can buy modern styles of Calvin Klein. These silk ties look good with suits and jackets. If you want high-end silk neckties within your budget, consider this brand. You can choose from several stylish patterns, such as classic neutral, bold, and pastel colors.   

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