Look Luxurious When You Travel without Breaking the Bank

The travel bug has been biting everyone now more than ever. With Instagram hashtags such as ‘#travelgoals’ trending, it’s tough to not wish to join the frenzy. You’ve probably been dreaming about dressing up in an Indian attire while traveling to South India or searching for the perfect maxi dress for a click below the Eiffel Tower. However, not everyone wants to travel someplace fancy as well as break their bank over designer labels. The good news is that looking stylish on your trip doesn’t necessarily have to burn a hole in your pocket.

Tips to Dress in Affordable yet Classy Ensembles during Your Trip

The very first thing you need to note down is that getting hold of affordable yet fashionable clothes can’t happen overnight. It takes planning; hence, you should begin by investing your time in it quite early on. Look for discounts online and make use of those sudden blowout sales. Try  shopping off-season as well. Get your hands on the fur boots in the spring and grab the trench coat while summer is still on. This way, not only will you be able to pick the items according to your travel month, but also avoid the exorbitant in-season prices. 

Once you have this sorted, looking fabulous and travel-ready is just a few steps away. Here are some tips to help you acquire that holiday glam:

Black is Your Best Friend

We’re all aware of the fact that black is a universal favorite, and rightfully so. Whether it is an LBD or the regular pair of black leggings that you can pair with a multitude of options, this is a color that goes with almost everything and is well-suited for every occasion. 

You can don a black cocktail dress for an evening at the local eatery or just pull off an all-black look for your daytime excursion, and it is sure to make you classy. 

Bring on the Layers

If you thought that layering should be reserved for the winters, think again. Layering is a great way to add interest to your attire. You could put on a blazer over slim-fit pants and a tee for a razor-sharp look. Perhaps you have a dress that you think isn’t too flattering? Slip on your chicest leather jacket over it and see how your look transforms. Make sure the blazer, coat, or jacket you carry is in a color that’s pairable with an array of items. 

A Little Makeup Never Hurt Anyone

Let’s just admit that makeup makes most of us feel ten times more alive than usual. Try wearing a little blush to give your cheeks that pink-ish glow, some highlighter to make your cheekbones pop, or put on loads of mascara to amplify your fluttering eyelashes. 

Although, do you want to know which are the two most vital elements of makeup that will contribute towards your posh look? The first one is  lipstick,  and not just any lipstick, but a good old red shade that matches your skin tone. You can fill your vanity bag with as many corals as you want, but when it comes to adding a royal touch, red is the color. It makes you appear bold, confident, and regal. 

The second way to look travel-posh is getting your nails done. This doesn’t mean spending bucket-loads of money on a fancy manicure. Instead, you can shape your nails yourself, clean up the chipped parts, and paint them a solid color. You will be surprised at how much flair pretty nails can add to your demeanor. 

Accessorize Your Heart Out

Whether you carry your own accessories or buy them during your travels, accessorizing is a must if you want to look chic when exploring a new place. 

Buying and wearing jewelry native to the place you’re traveling around is a great idea. For example, when in India, consider purchasing a gorgeous piece from a  collection of elegant Indian mangalsutras  (traditionally signifies marriage) or invest in a pair of precious gemstone-studded chandbalis. Similarly, those traveling through Africa can buy traditionally handcrafted jewelry made from gold, beads, and seashells. 

Accessorizing doesn’t always have to be about using high-end bags or wearing diamond-studded watches. Wearing eye-catching junk bracelets or a statement necklace can help you stand out even in a simple bodycon dress. 

Additionally, remember to pack some scarves in case you decide to take a stroll on a chilly evening. Alternatively, bring along a hat for a sunny day at the beach. Last, but most definitely not least, don’t forget your sunglasses. Sporting a pair of stylish shades will make you look sophisticated.  

Go for Different Hairdos

Ever wondered why you feel like a different person right after getting a new hairdo? It’s because the way you style your hair can make a lot of difference to your appearance. What better time to experiment with hairstyles than when traveling! It won’t cost a thing and will add oodles to your image. 

Go for ponytails and updos that accentuate your features and bring your makeup in the spotlight. Playing around with some funky clips and ribbons isn’t a bad idea either. 

One for Them All

The best thing you can do to dress fancy on a budget for your holiday is to pick one garment to mix-and-match with various items. For example, a pleated skirt can go with a formal shirt as well as a blouse-and-shrug combo. Similarly, pack a pair of heels that’s not only comfortable but versatile enough to be worn with a variety of attires. Kitten heels, flat bellies or ankle-length boots – take your pick. 


It’s a common misconception that you need to spend a hefty amount from your savings to look the part when holidaying in exotic locations. All you really need to do is be smart and spend wisely on items that will serve the purpose for your numerous trips. Once you follow the above tips, you will be able to let your wanderlust take you places, all while keeping your bank balance intact. 

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