Looking for Suitable Gifts for Your Bridesmaids? We’ll Give You Advice on What to Choose

Giving gifts to bridesmaids has become somewhat of a tradition nowadays. If you’re the bride to be and you have a group of female friends who will accompany you on your journey from the bachelorette party to the wedding itself, you may want to think about how to thank them for their support. Here are some tips for gifts that are guaranteed to please them.

How much to spend on bridesmaid gifts?

The purpose of bridesmaid gifts is primarily to express gratitude for the fact that your bridesmaids will be there to experience this important time of your life with you. You might be unsure of how much to spend on these gifts but there’s no straightforward answer to this and it depends entirely on you and what you can afford. Generally speaking however, you might choose gifts ranging from $50 to $250. Your guide should be the budget you have set aside for your wedding preparations. Be sure to include gifts for your bridesmaids in this total amount. At the same time however, also consider what kind of investment your bridesmaids will need to make in your wedding. Accommodation, travel, dress, shoes – these are all costs that can be associated with “bridesmaiding”. An appropriate gift then shows the bridesmaids that you appreciate the time and money they have invested into your wedding.

Some suggestions for the perfect bridesmaids’ gifts

When it comes to bridesmaid gifts, you basically have two options. Either you choose individually, a different gift for each bridesmaid, or you choose one identical gift for all of them. The first option allows you to individually tailor the gifts to each bridesmaid’s personality and to take into account what would make each of them personally happy. By giving the same gift to everyone on the other hand, you bring the whole group of bridesmaids closer together and help create an atmosphere of mutual affinity.

And now we come to the suggestions themselves.

Minimalist jewelry such as simple bracelets with heart, infinity, color stone designs, and dolphin bracelets  are very popular as bridesmaid gifts. If you’d like to go a step further, you could get the jewelry personalized and have the bridesmaid’s initials or the wedding date engraved on the jewelry. Jewelry with medallions or bar-shaped pendants is especially suitable for this. Jewelry with an engraving on it will become a memory for life for the bridesmaids.

Other accessories that the bridesmaids will be able to use not just on the wedding day are also suitable. These could be decorative hair clips, a brooch you made yourself or a dressing gown that you will all wear when you’re getting ready on the wedding day.

Pay special attention to the gift for the maid of honor

The maid of honor has a special place in your group of girlfriends and her role usually involves more responsibility. You can be more generous with your gift for her and give her something that will keep its value for years to come. A good choice would be a piece of jewelry that will be a beautiful memento of the occasion for her. You certainly wouldn’t go wrong with a delicate chain with a pearl pendant or a pearl bracelet.

Make the gifting itself into a special moment

You have chosen and bought the gifts and are ready to give them to your bridesmaids. When’s the right moment to give them? It can be right on the wedding day, especially if it’s expected that the gifts will become part of the wedding day outfits. It’s also popular to have lunch or dinner together a few days before the wedding where any tasks for the big day are decided on. Here you’ll have plenty of space to express your thanks to your helpers. A big part of the overall impression with bridesmaid gifts is also the packaging they come in. Details matter here. Add a card with the bridesmaid’s name to each gift, or include a personal message.

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