Mauritius: Where Adventure Meets Luxury

Mauritius is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth, so it’s no wonder that many compare it to heaven on earth, because it is. What makes it special are the fantastic beaches, untouched nature, and the unique culture and way of life of the local population. Mauritius offers a variety of possibilities for relaxing on the beaches, swimming in the drain, hiking, hiking, the best places for diving, places for going out and nightlife, as well as getting to know the unique nature and culture.

Why Mauritius is the ultimate luxury paradise on Earth

As we mentioned earlier, the beauty of the natural, cultural, and hospitality of the local people is what makes this island special and unforgettable. Beautiful long sandy beaches and crystal clear water is exactly what attracts tourists from all over the world. However, when they come to the island, they realize that the most hidden gems are not even listed in tourist brochures, which makes them even more special.

Briefly about the history of this island

Mauritius is an island located in Africa in the Indian Ocean. It consists of about fifty islands and atolls. This archipelago has a little more than 1,300,000 inhabitants and the capital is Port Louis, which is located on the northwest coast. The official languages of this archipelago are English and French. The dodo bird used to live on this island but became extinct after it was hunted by the Portuguese and the Dutch who colonized this island. Mauritius has a tropical climate, so the seasons are divided into wet and dry periods, and you can visit this island throughout the year because the temperatures are pleasant.

How to get there

You have the option of arriving by plane or by boat. However, most tourists decide to fly, since the connection with the world’s main airports is excellent. When it comes to transportation on the island, you have the option of choosing between a taxi, car rental, hiring a private driver, bus, or scooter.


When it comes to accommodation, you have the option of choosing between luxury accommodation, mid-range, and budget accommodation. Depending on your possibilities, you will choose the option that suits you best. Of the more luxurious varieties, The Albion Villas is certainly one that offers special opportunities and privileges to its visitors, such as spa and wellness treatments, special safari tours, and boat trips to other islands.

Grand Baie is one of the more popular tourist spots because there are 3, 4, and 5 star hotels here for all tourists depending on their financial capabilities. Here are also some of the most beautiful beaches and lagoons.

Fun activities on the island

There are various fun activities such as water sports, land activities, and cultural and natural sights on the islands as well as activities for lovers of adventures and adrenaline junkies.

Water sports

Among the water sports are diving, parasailing, underwater walking, submarine, deep-sea fishing, swimming with dolphins, water skiing, and sea kayaking. Since the entire archipelago is surrounded by coral reefs, it attracts a large number of divers, both professionals and diving enthusiasts. 

A unique experience is an underwater walk, where you can experience the underwater world in a completely different way. You will have the opportunity to see numerous shipwrecks dating back to the 18th century as well as beautiful underwater wildlife.

Land activities

Here you have the possibility of hiking, hiking, especially on the beautiful Le Morne Brabant, which is 556 m above sea level. This hiking trail is not at all easy, so you have to be careful when climbing and take plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. 

In addition, when you climb up, you have the feeling that there is a waterfall in the ocean, however, it is only an illusion due to strong currents. This place is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Adrenaline activities

Among the adrenaline activities, you have the option of rock climbing and canyoning. Canyoning consists of navigating through canyons using various techniques that may include walking, climbing, jumping, abseiling, and swimming.

Beautiful sandy beaches

This archipelago is rich in numerous white sand beaches, some are a little more hidden and some are up to several kilometers long.

Swimming with dolphins

One of the unforgettable experiences is swimming with dolphins because their natural habitat is located near the western coast of the islands.


If you want to treat yourself to a dream vacation in a place that is heaven on earth, then Mauritius is the perfect destination for you. So book your ticket and accommodation and treat yourself to a combination of adventure and luxury vacation.

Photo by Xavier Coiffic on Unsplash