Miranda Kerr Loves the Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Speedy Bag

 Louis Vuitton’s iconic city bag seems to be one of the former Victoria`s Secrets model favorite item when choosing a classic, posh accessory. And we already know that her dressing is practically every girl’s dream.

 Launched in the`30`s, the Damier Ebene Speedy comes in various sizes, all of them having enough interior space to accommodate all the goodies of a modern woman like Miranda Kerr. And what a handbag can carry is very important nowadays; that’s why we all should appreciate the brand’s idea to transform the Keepall travel bag into this smaller and rounded version, and the result is a hand held Speedy that Miranda’s wearing gracefully.

Miranda Kerr

As a busy working mom, Miranda is always on the run – from public appearances, TV shows, product launches and taking care of her gorgeous son. And yet, she manages to look fantastic each time by paying special attention when choosing her accessories – one of fashion’s golden rules – that can transform any outfit when one pays enough attention.

Miranda`s Damier Ebene Speedy Bag’s secret is actually its uniqueness, recognizable worldwide as a high-end quality product and its classic lines and colors. Day or night, special occasion or just an ordinary wearing, this bag can match any outfit every time and everywhere.

In one iconic photo, she chooses to wear it with a black satin jacket suit, a simple white t-shirt, and classic skinny jeans. Simple and fresh, this outfit is youthful yet classic and elegant. Big black sunglasses, loose hair and discrete make-up complete the look. Nothing fancy, but the bag succeeds to spread the sophistication factor all over Miranda’s image. Airport outfit, city girl look, businesswoman, you name it, she nails it once again.

We already know that style is this beauty’s second nature and her choice of the Ebene Speedybag proves that a classic design can add that touch of richness and refinement even to a young woman like Miranda. Its round handles are carried with such ease it’s like she’s born with this Vuitton bag glued to her arm: natural, effortless, like a presentation model being proud of what she’s wearing. She totally rocks it.

 The textile lining and the natural cowhide trimmings sweeten this classic cut and the 35 cm size that Miranda wears suits her height. The Damier Ebene Speedy also comes in 25 and 30 and cm, making it perfect for traveling, an overnight bag or shopping, as you can stash your essentials and still have room left for other things. Also, its structured shape will keep everything in place.

Did you know that the Speedy bag as we know it was a special request that Audrey Hepburn made to Vuitton? And turning the Keepall travel bag into a regular bag has been a wise design decision as more style icons like Miranda Kerr have chosen this model as a stylish, go to bag.

Opening Photo: Bigstock

Photo of Miranda Kerr by Eva Rinaldi, Wikimedia Commons

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