Modern Lifestyle & Modern Diet – The Impact on Health

Our modern lifestyle is fast-paced. As a result, the modern diet has also become fast. In a competitive world, people have no time to cook healthy meals, then sit and eat slowly.

Consequently, the modern lifestyle and the instant diet associated with it, is bringing with it diseases and afflictions. Obesity has become a chronic problem and so have the metabolic diseases that come with it, like high blood pressure and diabetes. Our bodies have become dependent on medicines and supplementation rather than real food.

The Different Types of Approaches to Eating | Diet Plans

Since obesity has become an epidemic, dieticians around the globe are coming up with various diet plans for effective weight loss.

In many of these diets,one or more categories of food are restricted; one food group is considered good and the other is bad. This can be misleading. Carbohydrates are not necessarily bad for our body, but it depends where they come from. Carbohydrates from vegetables and whole grains are vital for our health. In some diets, fats are considered bad. However, that too depends on the type of fat. Omega-3 fats, due to their EPA & DHA content, are extremely good for cardiovascular health as they increase good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol.

Of the many diet plans around, the ketogenicdiet has become popular due to its quick weight loss results. In a ketogenic diet,carbohydrates are extremely limited so as to transition the body to burn fat as a fuel instead of carbohydrates. And when the body starts burning fat it enters into a state of ketosis. This process of ketosis, explained by dieticians, has numerous other benefits as well, such as improving insulin sensitivity.

What should be the approach?

Instead of limiting or completely removing one particular food group from our diet, nutritionist advise eating small portions of each food group to provide balanced nutrition for our body.  The things which require shunning are the junk food that provide nothing but empty, unhealthy calories.

The fast pace of our lives leaves us little time to shop for and prepare healthy foods.  However, with a bit of planning and some self-control, a healthy diet and lifestyle is well within our reach.

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