Most Effective Pest Control Methods

Rats are probably the most annoying of all pests and once they invade your home getting rid of them can be a very difficult task. But it is also one of the most important things to do because rats are not only incredibly destructive but they are also carriers of many diseases and pose a significant health risk to your family. The best way of getting rid of house rats is to hire a professional pest control service that can provide you with complete satisfaction and long-term solutions. But there are also some common but useful methods that you can effectively use for effective Rat Control Sydney

Here are a few professional tips that will help you to get rid of rats from your house with better effects :

  • A thorough inspection of your home: This is the first step in efficient rat control as a thorough inspection of the home will tell you where the rats are coming from and also the reasons for which they are attracted to your home. Understanding these two things is important for the next steps that you should be taking. 
  • Seal the gaps: Once you have located all the possible entry points through which rats may enter your home, seal all those gaps in your interior and exterior walls. If you are looking for a permanent solution seal those gaps in metal kick plates, wire wool, or cement and also check every few months that they are well maintained. 
  • Clean your house: Rats are attracted to your house for food and shelter and by cleaning up your place you can ensure that they get neither of this available. Make sure that you don’t leave food leftover in the open and there is no dirty and shady corner in your home where rats can take shelter. You can keep rats away from your home by making your place the least attractive and habitable for those pests.
  • Use traps: Trapping is one of the most useful methods of getting rid of rats from inside your home. You can use as many traps as you want and place them in strategic positions for best results. Along with traditional rat traps, the latest design traps lie gum traps are now also available in the market and are at times more effective than the traditional traps. 
  • Use natural deterrents: Using chemical rat killers at home, especially if there are children in your family can be dangerous, and instead, you can use natural deterrents like peppermint oil, black pepper, clove, etc. are natural deterrents that can keep rats away. Sprinkling crushed pepper at the openings will irritate the rats and prevent them from entering your home. 
  • Call a professional service: You can consider hiring a Pest control Sydney if you find that the above-mentioned methods are not giving you the desired results. Professional pest control services use advanced and scientific techniques for completely eradicating rats from a house and you can certainly depend upon them for satisfactory and long-term solutions.

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