Moving Your Way to Those “Top Recruiter” Awards

As a business, you hope that those working for you, no matter if in a full time capacity, a part time role, or even an outsourced connection are satisfied and happy in their work. No boss or manager wants to hear that their staff are suffering, and if so, then controversy will naturally grow. Think of how many Amazon warehouse worker strikes have taken place in the past year, and we’ll understand that not only is this bad from a moralistic standpoint, but it can also truly tarnish your business name, and prevent worthwhile talent from heading your way.

It could be that as a goal, moving towards those ‘best recruiter’ awards could be worthwhile, especially in the sub-division categories of ‘most satisfied workforce’ or ‘best HR practices.’

The first step is to consider that your people are more than a simple resource to be moved around. They are people, perhaps the most complex asset your business will ever have to manage. However, thankfully there is tried and tested advice that can help your staff become truly content in their jobs, affording you a great reputation, a great office atmosphere, and the continual application interest of great talent.

Let us see what that might look like:

A Solid Training Program

You might offer a great work/life balance at your firm. You may offer the best of the best coffee to those coming into your office each morning. You could have a positive and reinforcing environment, and some of the best natural office lighting out of any business in your city. However, if you fail to care for a solid training program, you’re going to be in trouble, because staff will not see longevity at your firm.

You need to do your best to hire internally whenever considering the need for potential higher up replacements, or you need to ensure a steady flow of training programmes that staff can take advantage of. A solid training program is an essential and often quite essential consideration. On top of that, allowing people to learn both specialized and general skills is important. It might be that you offer a first aid course, perhaps not to gain a promotion, but to generally refine someone’s skillset and resume – with the most important priority of making your office just that little bit safer. Then, you might decide to implement certain training regarding a new software utility you are rolling out for managers, allowing certain staff to refine themselves should they hope to ascend in your firm.

This can motivate staff to no end, because it shows that not only are they working at your firm, but they are getting something out of it for the long term. This makes a great difference in the end.

Invest In HR

The best HR practices are those that are consistent, confidential, and understanding. They are there to settle disputes between employees, ensure the physical and mental care of many employees and guide them to the right experts, as well as helping staff come forward regarding developments that they may wish to report on confidentially. Without a solid HR department, staff can often feel as though they have no safety net, and this leads them to feel less comfortable in your offices than you would like.

We would recommend outfitting this environment with impartial and new experts, able to take the reigns of your business and improve practical results. When caring for staff wellbeing, they will be more likely to stay at your firm, less likely to take sick days for personal maintenance, and will be able to apply themselves to their jobs more easily. On top of that, it can also be a lifeline for certain staff who might be experiencing turmoil at home. A HR department is worth it’s weight in gold. Be sure to invest in one.

Remain Visible

As a leader or manager of the business, your presence is often appreciated. Get to know your employees, and speak to the relevant departments no matter how many you have. It’s important for your business to feel like a family, no matter how large that might be. When you remain visible and capable, you are more able to develop a cohesive idea of ‘we’re in this together,’ provided you actually prove that through substantial action.

For example, staff award shows, Christmas parties, team building activities and a somewhat less formal atmosphere than you might expect can help a firm flourish as it deserves to.

With this advice, we are certain that you’ll move your way to those ‘top recruiter’ awards – just as you deserve to.

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

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