Must-Visit New York City Coffee Hotspots

New York is the city that never sleeps. And because of that, the people of New York can’t afford to go a day with coffee. Coffee is to New Yorkers what gasoline is to cars: without it, they don’t move. 

Because of the coffee culture in the city, there’s been a race to provide the best coffee experience in the world. Entrepreneurs from all walks of life have worked hard to create incredible coffee experiences that will attract patrons from all over the city and help them transcend to coffee immortality. 

But where are these places? Let’s take a look.


Mamman is a small chain of cafes located in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Toronto, specializing in providing a bespoke coffee experience. To give you an idea of how strange this place is, there’s an old-style baby’s crib in the foyer, alongside signage for a flower shop and a “milkmaid.” The shop first opened its doors in 2014 with the name “Maman” coming from the French for “mother.” 

The shop, as you might expect, provides an ever-evolving menu, but the main draw is the coffee. A cup of Joe here never disappoints. 

Kopi Kopi

Located on 3rd West Street near Greenwich Village’s Porto Rico, this Indonesian care serves up a range of breakfast dishes alongside kopi luwak coffee. The venue is highly understated and much smaller than many of the other places on this list, but it does offer some of the most exciting coffees from around the world, many of which are new to the Western palate. 

Kopi luwak is made using a wet process technique which helps to preserve the flavor of beans before shipping better. This technique takes the bitterness out of the coffee, providing a new experience. Kopi Kopi is, therefore, right on the innovative frontier of the New York coffee scene. 

Coffee Project

Coffee Project located on East Fifth Street is one of the trendiest and most innovative coffee houses in the city. It’s not the kind of place you go as a coffee amateur (unless you take an expert with you), and neither is it the sort of place you grab a quick cup before work. A trip to Coffee Project is an event. 

The venue specializes in serving what it calls “deconstructed” coffees. If you order Project One, you get a shot of espresso, a flute of foam, a shot of steamed milk and a glass of sparkling water. Your job is to combine them all somehow to make a palatable drink. 

Getting stuck is common, but don’t worry: if you don’t know what to do, just ask one of the baristas for a demo. 

Summers NYC

Summers NYC is a coffee house based in SoHo that wants to bring a little slice of Californian sunshine to the Big Apple. The colorful cafe is both cheerful and secluded, making it the perfect place to plot your Californian dreams, surrounded by surfboards, coconuts, and plenty of spray-on sunscreens. 

The coffee here is surprisingly good. It’s roasted nearby at Devocian across the river in Brooklyn. There’s also a big focus on your favorite Californian treats, like avocado toast. 

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