Our Favorite Winter Looks

Winter is all about being warm, cozy, and trendy. Instead of going through your wardrobe from the last cold-season, check out some of these trends that we are obsessed with at the turn of the decade. 

Sweaters to Snuggle In

Comfortable sweaters are a winter staple; it’s always a good idea to add one (or two) more to your collection every season. If you’re looking for a new color or print, you’ll want to stick with the trend. 

You can find some of the coziest and affordable sweaters on Amazon for less than $50. You can score knits for sipping on coffee or even sleek turtlenecks to keep you warm on your morning commute. 

While they may not be the warmest option, we’re massive fans of open-back pullover sweaters. If you want something that’s still sexy but a little plusher, go for the casual crisscross. We’re also a massive fan of the slouchy, off-the-shoulder look. 

Are you a bit more conservative in your taste? Go for a grid pattern sweater. A subtle print is great to add some fun to your outfit without being too splashy.

Chic Socks

If you’re anything like us, you may have spent most of your years trying to hide your socks. Most people don’t buy socks as accessories or for fun. Well, it’s 2019, and keeping your feet cozy and in style is all the rage. 

You can think of socks as an extension of your personality. Go crazy, get out of the box. We’ve even seen people around Brooklyn wearing sandals this December – sandals and Gucci socks. 

Stylish Clogs

It may be your mother’s worst nightmare or maybe her best dream – that’s right, clogs are back in fashion. These clunkers have earned a reputation in the past few decades of being a nurse’s show or something your strange aunt Bev wears to Thanksgiving. 

On these fall runways, designers like Lanvin and Salvatore Ferragamo brought these babies back to life. We’re starting to see clogs make their way onto our favorite fashion girls and into our top-pick retail stores. 

Faux Fur Outerwear

Sure, puffers are great for when you’re freezing, but there’s nothing that can make you feel like a million bucks more than a plush faux fur coat. A good fur should be fake in 2019 as the only thing cooler than being fashionable is being conscience.

It’s never too late to get on this trend, and going into 2020; the selection is only getting hotter. You can go for vibrant colors or something more muted like black or white, as you can view here. You can also go for some exotic designs that’ll have you standing out fabulously. 

Two-Tone Long-Sleeve Dresses

A trend for the indecisive, these two-toned dresses are perfect for those days where you can’t make up your mind about what color you want to wear. If you’re not into dresses, there are some fantastic dual-color blazers and pants that are very stylish for this season. 

The Pant-Suit

Pant-suits are the best work clothes-option during the winter, and they’ll make you feel like an instant lady-boss. Whether you go for a plain one-color pant-suit or a check set, wearing a suit will give you all the power you need to get through the dreary winter months. 

The Verdict

Pair these items together for the perfect, fashionable winter outfit. Having these items in your closet will guarantee that you’ll look hot and stay warm in the snow, ice, or cool sun!

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay 

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