Our Top 20 Baby Shower Games!

There’s no better reason to celebrate than the impending arrival of a new bundle of joy. Getting together with friends and family to help you prepare for the big event can be a wonderful occasion. At PartyWorld, we have all the baby shower party supplies you need to ensure your gathering is fun as well as practical. Here is our selection of the top 20 baby shower games…

Baby Shower Party Supplies

1 – Guess What?

You will need: 10 paper bags; 10 baby related items, (for instance a nappy, a rattle, etc); paper and pen for each guest.

Place the baby items in the paper bags. At the beginning of your gathering, each guest must guess what is in each bag and write it down. They mustn’t look inside the bags, but they are allowed to feel and shake them. When everyone has written down their guesses, the expectant mum can do “the big reveal” – and the person with the most correct guesses is the winner!

2 – Baby Birthday Predictions

You will need: Either paper and pen for each guest, or a printed calendar showing the possible range of birth dates from 37 – 42 weeks.

The mum-to-be reminds the guests of her predicted due date. She then reminds them that only 5% of babies are actually born on their due date! Each guest writes down their predicted date and time of birth, or marks it on the calendar. Bets can be made more interesting by promising prizes to the person who most accurately predicts the date, and also the time, of the baby’s arrival!

3 – Guess Who?

You will need: Name tags or post-it notes, with the name of a famous mum written on – one for each guest.

Attach a name tag to the back of each guest, without letting them see what is written on it. Your guests must then work out whose name is written on their tag, by asking only “yes” or “no” questions of their fellow guests. You could make the game slightly easier by narrowing your category down, for instance, “mothers in films” or “mothers in fiction”. This game works really well as an ice breaker, encouraging everyone to chat to each other, even if most people don’t know each other.

4 – Wishes For Baby

You will need: paper and pen; a jar that can be sealed, or a large moneybox.

This is an activity that can be set out and left for guests to complete during the party at their leisure. Ask that each guest writes down their special wishes for the baby, and posts them into the sealed jar. You can then enjoy opening their messages on the baby’s first birthday; or even keep the jar and give it to the child when they reach a significant milestone such as their 18th birthday.

5 – Hang The Nappy

You will need: two packs of newborn nappies; clothes pegs; string or yarn, hung up to form two mini washing lines.

Split your guests into two teams. Set a timer – the team who pegs out all their nappies fastest wins!

6 – Baby Name Maker

You will need: paper and pen for each guest

Have each guest write out the full names of both expectant parents. Then, set a timer, and each guest must come up with as many names as they can, using only the letters in the names of the baby’s parents. The guest who comes up with the most names wins – plus, you’ll discover some very unusual naming ideas!

7 – All About Mum

You will need: a prepared list of questions; paper and pen for each guest

Test your guest’s knowledge of the mum-to-be by setting them a personalised quiz. Your list of questions could include fun facts from her childhood, or questions about her current life. Perhaps even questions about when she was a baby herself – what time was she born? At how many weeks? The guest with the most correct answers wins.

8 – Balloon Baby Twister

You will need: balloons; the board game Twister

Each guest must blow up a balloon and stuff it under their clothing. Then, play an hilariously difficult game of Twister! The expectant mum can enjoy watching her guests struggle with their balloon bumps, and perhaps give out awards for achievements such as most number of balloons wedged up their clothes, or most ridiculous pose!

9 – We’re Having A Baby!

You will need: balloons; pins

Another balloon based game. Split your guests into teams of around four or five. Each team must stand in a line. The first person must blow up a balloon, and stuff it up their jumper. Then the second, third, and so on. Once the whole team has a balloon bump, it’s back to the first person, who must now burst their balloon using a pin, through their jumper. Then the second person bursts their balloon, and so on. The team to have burst all their balloons first, wins.

10 – The Nappy Relay Race

You will need: newborn nappies; baby wipes; receiving blankets or swaddles; baby clothes; baby dolls.

Divide your guests into teams of equal number. Each person in the team must take the clothes and blanket off the doll, remove the nappy, wipe the doll’s bum, and replace the nappy, clothes and blanket, before passing the doll on to the next member of their team to be changed again. The first team where every member has changed the nappy wins!

11 – Don’t Drop The Baby!

You will need: eggs; paints and decorative craft materials; wooden spoons.

Each guest must decorate their egg as a baby. Then set them up to race against each other by balancing each egg on a spoon! Create a course either between two fixed points, or make two teams and set up a relay. Hard boil the eggs first to avoid messy breakages, or consider holding your race outdoors.

12 – Unsolicited Advice

You will need: pens and paper; a big bowl

Ask each guest to write down a piece of parenting advice they would give. Fold the slips of paper and mix them up in the bowl. Then let everyone draw out a slip. Each person then has to guess who gave the advice, and say whether they would use it in their own parenting!

13 – Don’t Say Baby!

You will need: clothes pegs or similar.

On arrival, each guest has five clothes pegs attached to their clothing. They are not allowed to say the word “baby”; if they do, they have a clothes peg removed. The person with the most remaining pegs left at the end of the gathering is the winner! This game is great for encouraging guests to interact with each other in a creative way.

14 – Nursery Rhymes

You will need: computer; printer; pens and paper.

Dredge up your knowledge of nursery rhymes by creating a sheet for your guests to fill in. Remind yourself of the rhymes of your childhood, and print them out, but leave gaps in the text. Your guests must try and remember what the missing words are!

15 – Super Mum

You will need: a mobile phone; a stack of nappies; a baby doll; several pairs of unmatched socks; a timer

Each guest is tasked with being a “super mum” – they must cradle the phone under their ear and maintain a conversation, whilst also pairing all the socks and changing the doll’s nappy. Fastest guest to complete all the tasks simultaneously wins!

16 – Baby Animals

You will need: paper and pens for each guest; a prepared list of questions and their answers

Test your guests’ knowledge of the animal kingdom by compiling a simple quiz. Guests must write down the name for the babies of each species that you list. For instance, a dolphin’s baby is called a calf, an alligator’s is a hatchling, and a swan’s is a cygnet. Give a prize to the guest with the most correct answers.

17 – Play Dough Babies

You will need: Play dough

Each guest must make a beautiful play dough baby! Mum-to-be decides on the winner.

18 – Dummy Bobbing

You will need: 10-15 pacifiers; a large tub filled with water

Each guest must try to seize as many pacifiers as possible in a set amount of time, using only their mouth – hands strictly behind their back! The winner is the guest who manages to grab the most pacifiers.

19 – Guess The Baby

You will need: a baby photo of each guest; numbered blank lists, one for each guest; paper and pens.

When you send out your baby shower invites, ask that each attendee send you a baby photo of themselves. Post the photos around the party room with a number attached to each one. Every guest must guess who is pictured in each photo, and write their guesses down on their list.

20 – How Old Was Mum?

You will need: photos of the mum-to-be at different ages; paper and pens.

Number the photos, and arrange them randomly on a wall or table in the party room. Ask guests to write down the photo numbers in age order, and see who gets the most correct!

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