Perfect Gift Ideas for New Moms

Becoming a mom has to be up there with the biggest achievements life has to offer. It is something that is incredible and once you do become a mom your life will change forever and sometimes for the better with your bundle of joy in your arms. 

When you do become a mom or someone you know does, it is nice to be able to celebrate that with a gift. This milestone in life is wonderful and it can be commemorated with something special or even something that can help a new with being a mom. 

We all know that getting gifts for the baby is easy, and finding The 20 Best Newborn Gifts To Buy In 2020 is not too much of a challenge. But what do you get for mom? Well, today we have the answers. 

1. A newspaper from the day the baby was born

The day a baby is born is a huge milestone in the world of the mother, and as a fun keepsake, a newspaper from that day in history is a great idea. Imagine when the child turns 18 years down the line and looks back at the day they were born… you could be a part of that! Of course, try to pick a newspaper that has a good story on the front pages! 

2. A mom bag

We all know that bag. Every mom has a big bag that seems to have endless pockets and that seems to be like a TARDIS in the inside. The main problem with most mom bags is that they simply aren’t stylish, and often they come in garish colours that really don’t do much for the mom’s self esteem when out and about. Instead, try to find a nice leather version that will go with any outfit and it will become a genuinely pleasant accessory for a new mom to carry around with her. Make sure it has plenty of space as well as lots of pockets! 

3. A notebook 

As a new mom there will be a lot of things to write down and think about. Whether it be advice or a shopping list on the go, a mom could do with having a notebook and pen nearby. And when you buy a notebook make sure it is a pretty one that feels like a gift. Papier have some beautiful designs that at modern and can be personalised to make a new mom feel special. 

4. A subscription

There are many things you can buy for a new mom as a gift that will allow her to gain some easy entertainment or a new hobby. A magazine subscription such as natural world could be a great way to allow a mom to relax while looking after her child. As well as this, a Netflix subscription could be an amazing idea to provide some rest time for a mom while baby is sleeping. And if she never has time to sit down why not get her an audiobook subscription?

5. Wipes 

Muslin squares and wipes will be a new mom’s best friend. As cute and babies can be, they are messy and a lot of the time they will dribble all over the place. For a new mom out and about, the best thing she can have is a wipe to clean things up and keep everything from getting messy. Yes, this might not feel like much of a gift for mum, but it will be something she can use all of the time so it’s a useful option. 

6. Thermos flask 

All of us are guilty of making a cup of tea and then getting distracted and leaving it to go cold, and a new mom is definitely going to be used to this problem. To ensure she can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at the right temperature and on the go, a thermos flask is an amazing idea. As well as this, you can get a cooling bottle for water and other cold drinks that will allow her to stay hydrated on the go. 

7. Meals 

Do you know how much time and energy a mom has to make herself a full meal when looking after a baby? Zero. When a new mom is struggling with motherhood, the last thing she will think about is her own health and well-being. This is why many new moms lose weight and become fatigued and you can do something immense to stop this. Sometimes the best gift you can give is a hot meal. When you next make a batch of your favourite meal be sure to make an extra portion or two for your new mom friend. Even filling her freezer with home cooked meals can be a huge help! 

8. A hamper 

For a wonderful gift for a new mother, a hamper is a great choice. Mom won’t get much time to herself once she has a baby and this is why it is important for you to give her the tools for a quiet night in alone. This can include things such as a face mask, bath bomb, bubbles, wine, chocolates, and even a film to watch. This could be a cute way to show you appreciate your mum friend and it will allow her to get some much needed TLC. 

9. A  photo frame

Having a baby is a huge milestone in life and during those first few weeks of having a baby the mother will likely become a part time photographer. A cute gift idea for her would be a photo frame that is either empty, or one that is filled with a photo of her and her new baby. This is a great gift for the home and it will become a feature in her house. 

10. Baby milestone cards

If you have looked at new moms on Instagram lately you may have seen cards with milestones of age, first trip out, and more. This can be a cute way for the mom to document the small and big achievements of the baby’s  life and it can be a fun thing to buy for her. 

11. A personal keepsake

A bracelet that has a charm on it for the day she became a mother is a gift that will keep on giving as the years go on. This kind of gift is a wonderful idea and you will be able to keep adding to it as time goes on and more milestones are met by mom and baby. 

12. A date night

New parents don’t get out much, and sometimes the best gift you can give it the ability for them to spend some time alone. Offer to look after the baby for a night and allow the mom and dad to go out and spend an evening just as partners. It will be a great chance for you to get to know the baby and for them to let their hair down and relax. 

13. Baby animal artwork 

For the nursery, baby animal paintings and prints can be a cute idea for a gift. There are lots of amazing artists out there who provide this kind of service and you can even find ready made ones online. A painting of a baby animal such as a puppy or kitten, or a wild animal like a giraffe is the ideal feature to bring into the nursery to brighten it up and it will be a nice thing for both mom and baby to look at. 

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay 

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