Practical Tips to Make Your Rental Apartment Attractive to Millennials

If you’re trying to rent an apartment, it’s completely logical to aim for millennials as your tenants. Even if you don’t target them with your ad, they’re still more likely to answer it than other generations, being that they prefer renting to becoming homeowners themselves. That leaves you with only one dilemma and that’s how to make your apartment more appealing to them. If you’ve noticed that they frown upon what you’re offering them or that your apartment gets viewed quite often, but nobody contacts you afterwards, here are some ideas on how to enhance your rental in order to find millennial occupants for it in no time.

Make Your Apartment Greener

Millennials tend to show more environmental awareness than the older generations and they’ll always be more prone to leasing an apartment that’s in accordance with their beliefs and attitudes. Therefore, by making sure your apartment is eco-friendly, you’re really speaking to them and letting them know your rental can cater to all of their needs and expectations. For example, energy efficiency and water conservation are something millennials will pay special attention to. Also, your apartment should have a garbage disposal system that allows recycling or even composting. From solar panels to latest generation appliances to decorating your apartment with potted plants, millennials will be happy as long as they see that your apartment is as green as you can make it. 

Welcome Their Pets

When it comes to keeping pets, millennials are huge animal lovers and they constitute about 27% of pet owners in total. This is something you should definitely keep in mind when renting your apartment. As far as American states go, it’s interesting to note that Wyoming and West Virginia are famous for the number of pet owners, as over 70% of people in these states have pets. This number is high in other states as well. For instance, there’s at least one pet in over 58% of households in Texas, both in rural areas and in towns or cities. That’s why Texas-based millennials look for pet-friendly Lubbock apartments for rent and they refuse to settle for just any type of apartment. They’ll seek apartments with plenty of amenities for them and their pets and they won’t even mind paying a higher rent and a pet deposit to get what they want.

Upgrade the Kitchen

In addition to other ways of leading fulfilled and healthy lives, millennials have been spending increasingly more time in the kitchen, often making their meals from scratch. As keen as they are on visiting national restaurants and trying out cuisine of countries around the world, they are also enthusiastic about experimenting with new dishes and preparing all sorts of meals, whether they’ve seen them made on a cookery show or they’ve found a detailed recipe online. Plus, they don’t see the kitchen as a place one has to stay hidden in, but rather a place where they can entertain their friends and bond over the amount of basil or curcuma they’ll use for their next meal. So, in order to make your apartment more compelling to millennials, present them with a modern kitchen, equipped with top-quality appliances and neutral-color cabinets with a matte finish, to give the space a touch of luxury that any millennial will appreciate.  

Increase Your Online Presence

It’s no secret that millennials rely greatly on their devices, social networks, apps and the internet in general. When looking for an apartment, they’ll go straight online and type the ideal set of keywords into their favorite search engine to get the results they hope for. They know what they want and they’ll expect to find it online in a click or two. If you want to reach them and grab their attention, place a digital ad across platforms and be precise about what it is that makes your place perfect for them. Take a lot of photos, even if it’s of the same room from different angles, including a few pictures of the backyard and the neighborhood, with an exhaustive description of the apartment itself, but also its surroundings. Millennials thrive on an abundance of information and they’ll just skip the ads that aren’t clear or thorough enough for them. Finally, you should also be responsive to any online messages you receive with inquiries about the apartment, since millennials are more inclined to write an email or a text message than to actually make a call.

By making a few smart and practical investments, not only will you be making your apartment more tempting to the newer generations, but you might also be making some improvements that could add to your apartment value in the long run. So, adjust your apartment to the millennials’ liking and you’ll be able to rent it sooner and at a better price without too much effort.

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