Recovering From Injuries That Change Your Appearance

There are few things worse than finding yourself with an injury. Even when something like this is quite mild, it can still have a dramatic impact on your lifestyle, with rapid recovery often being the only way to get back to normality. Of course, though, many injuries don’t make this quite so easy. It’s common to find people’s appearance changing thanks to events like this, and this is something that most people will want to rectify as soon as they can. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to aid your recovery from issues like this.

Burns & Scarring

Human skin is quite fragile, easily tearing or getting damaged by outside elements that do little to other materials. At the same time, though, the skin is also very good at repairing itself, with many people recover from injuries that damage this part of their body with very little impact. This doesn’t reflect everyone, and many people find themselves with unsightly scars after an injury like a burn. This happens when your body is able to reproduce and replace damaged tissue, but can’t do it in the same way that your body was built.

There are loads of products on the market that can help with scarring. Makeup can help to keep scars hidden, but you can also find loads of different creams and lotions that are designed to reduce the appearance of things like this. Some cosmetic surgeons will offer laser treatments that promise to get rid of scarring.

Tooth Loss

Unlike your skin, your teeth are one of the few parts of your body that can’t heal themselves. When you chip or lose a tooth, your body simply won’t be able to make a replacement, and this means that many people have to live without their teeth when they have accidents that break them. It’s surprisingly easy to damage a tooth like this, and many people find themselves in this position when they’re playing normal sports. If you still have your tooth, your dentist may be able to make a repair using it. In other cases, though, you may need to look around for affordable dentures to solve this problem.

Losing Limbs

While losing a limb may sound quite extreme, this sort of injury is more common than you might expect in the modern world. Modern roads are incredibly dangerous, and the injuries that people sustain in accidents will often cause enough damage to leave someone without a limb. Of course, the biggest part of this recovery process is going to involve learning to live without something that you’ve had for your whole life. Whether you’ve lost an arm or a leg, this process will be filled with different challenges, and many people find themselves feeling self-conscious about the way they look.

Modern prosthetic limbs provide a tool that can help people to get over this, making their profile look more natural and making it harder for people to notice that they have something wrong. Of course, though, these options can still look quite out of place. There are loads of charities and other organizations working to produce fake limbs that are designed to look more like art than a replacement for something you used to have. Options like this give you the power to own your condition, rather than living in its shadow.

Going Blind

Losing your eyesight is something that will always change your life dramatically. There are loads of different types of injury that can cause this sort of problem, often leaving people’s eyes looking quite different to how they were before. Even in cases where your eyesight isn’t ruining, chemical reactions with your eyes can change their colour, make them cloudy, and even make them look bloodshot.  This can be tricky to overcome, especially if you can’t see the issue for yourself.

They won’t improve your vision, but there are loads of cosmetic contact lenses on the market that can make your eyes look normal again. These sorts of products can be worn very discreetly, giving you the chance to overcome the social problems that can come with damaged eyes. Not a lot of people realise, but your eyes form an important part of your communication with others.

Living with an injury that changes your appearance can be incredibly hard, but many people have to go through this at some point in their lives. Thankfully, there are loads of tools on the market that can help you, and you need only start searching for them to find an option that works for you.

Photo by Payam Tahery on Unsplash

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