Shimmer and Shake: Creating the Gatsby Style Home  

Anyone who took high school English likely had to read a lot of books. And if you went to high school any time between now and the 1960s, you more than certainly read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. The book showed us scenes from a time and place we could never physically venture; having been born decades after the roaring ‘20s.

In his descriptions of the booze, the jazz, the passion and mystery—Fitzgerald took us riding in Gatsby’s convertible coupe. Like Gatsby’s party guests we were in the blue gardens sipping champagne and dancing the Charleston. The decadence and joie de vivre in the storytelling were intoxicating. What would it have been like to party with these madcaps?

Party Like Gatsby 

Can you even begin to imagine living in a house like Gatsby’s? The style, grace and elegance of the place set to the fast-paced beats of jazz song were awe-inspiring. Watching Baz Lurhman’s screen adaptation of Fitzgerald’s iconic novel took us closer to the glitz and glam of the era. Fortunately for us, we can bring a little Gatsby magic into our own homes with a little bit of forethought and effort.

Let’s take a look at seven furnishings that are sure transport us to the Jazz Age, but with a modern twist.

Logan Sofa—Gus Modern

In capturing Gatsby’s spirit, we must first start with something simple: the sofa. You’ve probably pictured yourself getting a fainting couch to get that Gatsby touch, but isn’t that a little too cliché? Go with something modern, like the Logan Sofa by Gus Modern. The compartmentalized sofa cushions won’t distract from the rest of the bling in the house, and it can be dressed up or down, depending on the mood you want to set for the room.

Gem Side Table—Tom Dixon

Ostentation reigns supreme in the Gatsby home, so why can’t it in yours? Tom Dixon’s Gem Side Table is a play on the sharp features we see on cut gemstones. Made from sand-cast aluminum, the two pieces of Gem Side Table are brought together at the table’s slenderest part. Nickle-plated to glisten, Dixon’s Gem Side Table is high class and chic.

Starfire Chandelier—Maxim Lighting

Designed by Maxim Lighting, the Starfire Chandelier exhibits an extraordinary show of craftsmanship and inventiveness. The spherically-shaped chandelier features polished chrome arms ornamented with beveled crystal beads of different sizes. Ask yourself this: What is it about Jay Gatsby’s parties that make his home so luminous? It’s the lighting. The white light (powered by Xenon bulbs) bounces and reflects off the crystal, cascading the space with stunning displays of dancing light all along the ceiling.

Precious Jelly Vase—Kartell

Kartell has transformed the traditional jelly vase into an object of abject beauty. Glazed with an opaque metallic finish, the jelly vase will help to illuminate your living space. Wonderful for holding flower buds, candles or even candy, Kartell’s Precious Jelly Vase will bring fun and style into your home.

Tank Low Ball Glass Set—Tom Dixon

What’s a party without cocktails? Tom Dixon has done it again with the mouth-blown Tank Low Ball Glass Set. The hand-painted copper encircling the glass adds a dash of splendor and sophistication for the even the hardest drinkers. What you have to remember is: “There ain’t no party like a Gatsby party!”

Barcelona Wide Table Lamp—Robert Abbey

Designed by Jonathan Adler for Robert Abbey Lighting, the Barcelona Wide Table Lamp features a metal-framed, glass-paneled base in black. And as we know, black goes with everything. The metal frame is polished to shine providing a lovely contrast to the glass. Unlike other table lamps that feature the much overdone triangle shade, the Barcelona Wide Table Lamp has a trapezoid shade, giving off an air of individuality. For some Gatsby flavor, this lamp will pull you into the private drawing room, where only the closest of friends meet.

Scamp Table—Blu Dot

What is the one item that helps pull a room together? The coffee table. Every room needs a center point, and your coffee table will help you to anchor your space and make it feel finished. Blu Dot’s Scamp Table is available in three sizes, three bases and three tops. To capture the Gatsby essence, I recommend getting the smoked glass top with the copper finish. The tempered glass will won’t distract from the Jelly Vase you have sitting atop it, and the sheen of the materials will help to make the space more pronounced.

We can turn fictional worlds into real spaces. All it takes is a little imagination and elbow grease.

Top photo from Bigstock.

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