Six Most Lucrative Translator Jobs You Must Know

Certain industries require specialized translators with industry-specific knowledge and expertise. Essentially, their job is to accurately simplify complex jargons and technicalities that pertain to the respective niche into a form that is easy to understand.

In this post, we will discuss six of the most important translator types that require specialist knowledge and expertise. These translator jobs are highly important and require absolute correctness of information and accuracy. They are required to serve business functions by  meeting the standards of important people that may not be directly related to the field in question.

Technical translation

While technical translation relates to almost every industry, it generally refers to translations of engineering, IT, and manufacturing contexts in a more specific sense. A technical translator would typically have a qualification or several years of experience in their technical field to deliver technical translation accurately. A lack of industry-specific knowledge can lead to a chain of miscommunications that cause errors in business. 

Scientific translation 

Scientific research content and documents contain extremely complex terminologies that are almost impossible to understand for someone, for example, from a business background. An institution may require to present research papers or trial results in front of parties, such as the board of directors or certain authorities, for approval. 

These individuals may not be well-versed with scientific terminologies and hence require a translator to help them understand its crux. Scientific translators require expertise in the respective areas to efficiently present translations without missing important parts. 

Medical translation 

The medical industry is one of those spaces where research advancements happen regularly. It can be described as a multi-domain industry that consists of several branches such as pharmaceutical research, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, and so on. 

Here, it’s obvious that there’s a general requirement for translators who acts as a communicative bridge between individuals or teams in the above-mentioned departments. However, medical translators are also required for simpler functions such as conveying patient information to people of different descents in a hospital. 

Nonetheless, a medical translator must have expert knowledge in regulatory, marketing and technical documentation. To perform well, translators require previous experience with their respective medical backgrounds.

Financial translation

Again, the financial world is yet another complex business space where there are many expert-only terminologies. The exchanges between a long-time investment manager or stockbroker might sometimes sound like an entirely different language. People working in these domains will require the assistance of expert translators in banking, stock exchange, foreign exchange financing, and financial reporting documents.

Economic translations

While many understand economic translation as another term for financial translations, in a specific sense, it refers to the requirements of the translation needed in the field of economics. Banking, even if related, is different. Discussing world economics and its variables requires another set of special terminologies and usages.  It’s generally recommended that someone applying for this job hold a degree or have formal experience with economics. 

Legal translation 

Litigations, legal and court documents can get quite complex, especially with typical terminologies that are commonly heard within legal environments. Anybody can come across a scenario where they require legal assistance. 

However, even people within the legal space would require a translator’s assistance in scenarios where there are many people involved with various degrees. This can vary from a simple situation demanding a layman’s translation to a complex one involving other legal systems.

To Summarize

That wraps up our six different translations commonly required in various business situations. Well, translator jobs are sometimes presumed to be a general task where someone requires to facilitate communication in scenarios where multi-lingual exchanges are common. 

However, these tasks often get complicated when an information exchange includes details of a specialized field, such as the medical or IT industry. To perform, translators who operate in such spaces must have the same level of expertise and know-how via constant research or updations with experts in a similar domain.   

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