Staying Healthy in New York City

New York City is home, but it’s not always the best place for us. As thrilling and wonderful as this big, beautiful city can be, it can also be stressful and upsetting. In the “city that never sleeps,” stimulation can be constant, the pace of life is frenzied, and with all of the conveniences of a world class city, we might end eating more takeout or getting less exercise.. If you’re not careful, New York City can make you less healthy. Here’s how to counter that.

What’s up, doc?

This should come as no surprise to New Yorkers, but you need to go to the doctor to be healthy. At a minimum, an annual check-up is necessary to make sure that all is well health-wise. Ask friends for referrals or work with your health insurance provider to get a primary care physician, and then rely on that provider to determine how often you should visit going forward. Being proactive about your health will help you avoid more serious illnesses and injuries.

Therapy for you and me

Going to a doctor to check in on your physical health is extremely important. So is heading to a mental health professional to evaluate your mental health.

Many people — both here in New York City and around the country — don’t appreciate that our mental health is as important as (and very closely connected to) our physical health. Few of us would go for years without visiting a primary care physician, yet lots of us choose to go for long periods of time without working with therapists. That’s a bad idea.

If you’re going to survive and thrive in this bustling, chaotic city, then you need to invest in your mental health. Cognitive therapy can help just about anyone, explain the experts at Therapy Group of NYC— even those who consider themselves perfectly happy. So invest in your health, and head to the therapist!

You are what you eat

New York City has some of the best food options on the planet. Of course, not all of the delicious food that you can get at high-end Manhattan steakhouses or hidden gems in Queens will be particularly good for you. It’s up to us as New Yorkers to make sure that we find a healthy balance and make nutritious choices as often as possible.

New Yorkers are known for eating a lot of takeout and always heading to restaurants. The sometimes ridiculous stories of New Yorkers avoiding cooking at all cost are instructive. If you’re not careful, this could be you! Nowadays there are ample, healthier fast-casual options for quick salads and well-balanced meals.

Cooking in tiny New York City apartments isn’t always pleasant, but you will save money and most likely eat healthier if you manage to cook at home more often. The good news is that New York City is home to a lot of great cooking classes to get you started. When you do go out or order takeout, think about your health. Pizza is a New York City staple, but it shouldn’t be your primary food group.

Find your exercise hobby

Exercising is tough. If we don’t make it a habit, we won’t stick to it. And because New York City’s streets are crowded and its gyms are expensive, it can be particularly hard to use willpower alone to keep yourself jogging or lifting weights.

Try to find something that you will treat as a hobby. Maybe it’s just jogging in Central Park — or maybe it’s scaling walls in one of New York City’s awesome climbing gyms. Whatever it is, make it something that you like doing and will treat as a hobby. If you aren’t dedicated to it, you won’t stick to it.

Get out of town

New York City is a great place, but it’s not always the healthiest place. To care for your health here, you sometimes need to get out of the hustle and bustle.

You should head to one of New York City’s many parks for some alone time in nature, but don’t rely on in-town solutions all of the time. Take a vacation once in a while and go somewhere with a slower pace, where the air will be a bit cleaner and the pressures of big city living will disappear, at least temporarily. Studies show that vacations are good for our health, so take a break from your job and your fast-paced lifestyle once in a while — you’ll feel better!

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