Summer Maxi Outfits for 2022

If you are looking for some hot new maxi skirt trends for 2022, here they are!

Long skirt outfits are becoming so popular in 2022 that this could well be the Year of the Maxi Skirt. Modest and effortless, women’s long skirts look great on any body type and are perfect for almost any occasion, whether you are headed to the office or taking the kids to the park.

It’s easy for everyone to pull off a maxi skirt look. The way they flow around your legs gives maxi skirts a classic look that makes them just as appropriate to wear at a wedding as they are to a family dinner. With so many options, you’ll find they won’t sit idle in your closet as some dresses do.

You can pair a maxi skirt with all types of blouses, tank tops, blazers, and jackets. And the shoes! With a long skirt, you aren’t stuck wearing high heels because all types of shoes, including sandals and boots, can be paired with a long skirt.

Here are our favorite long skirt outfits for summer 2022:

Denim Maxis

Denim goes great with bright colors, so you can pull out that vibrant top that doesn’t go with anything else and wear it with your long denim skirt. Button-down shirts look great with denim, too, and if you can find one with short sleeves for summer, that’s perfect.

Denim also looks great with a white button-down shirt that you can layer with a tank top and a leather jacket. Layers like these work great for all-day outings on hot summer days that can turn into chilly evenings.

Another great denim combo is embroidered peasant blouses. Paired with the right shoes and jewelry, you can pull off a great boho-style outfit with a denim maxi skirt.

Polka Dot Maxis

You might be wondering if polka dots are trendy, and the answer is yes, they can be! Polka dots are a fun fashion trend that can get many different results. You can even get a chic look when you combine a black and white polka dot maxi skirt with the right top and sandals.

Polka dots come in all different sizes. Whatever size polka dot you go with, you have a lot of options when it comes to mixing and matching sizes and colors. In addition, polka dots lend themselves well to other fun fashion trends, like cat-eye sunglasses for a retro look.

With polka dots, it’s easy to make a shift from your summer wardrobe when the weather cools off in the fall, too. Just add some black leggings and a cute jacket, and you’re all set.

Get adventurous with polka dots. Try out some bright summer colors with a coordinating tank top to make a big statement.

Side Slit Maxis

For summer, go with a side-slit maxi skirt to beat the heat, and you won’t regret it. You can even double up on the side slit to make your outfit even breezier. Double side slits on maxis make it easier to move and look more flattering and feminine.

You might try a long mesh side slit maxi skirt for your beach cover-up this summer. There’s almost nothing sexier than a long skirt with high side slits, and the beach is definitely a safe place to pull that off.

Try a soft knit tie dye maxi with side slits, too. Combined with the right tank top, you’ll look like a million bucks, and you’ll be as cool as a cucumber.

Floral Maxis

Floral prints are one of the best and most timeless maxi skirt trends. They will almost certainly never go out of style. But, unfortunately, a lot of floral maxis are going to fall into the Bohemian style, and that’s okay! Boho clothing is a lot of fun, and you have many different choices regarding what to wear on top.

If you choose a high-waisted floral maxi skirt, wear it with a solid crop top to emphasize your waist, and pair it with some strappy sandals for a breezy summer look.

Fringe Maxis

You’ll be surprised at the variety of options you have with a fringed maxi skirt. Whether you are looking for something formal and dressy for a night on the town or something more suited to an afternoon lunch with friends, you will find it in this category of trending maxi skirts.

There are many different types of fringe skirts, featuring braided fringes, tasseled fringes, sequin fringes, sheer fringes, and metallic fringes. You can get them in all different colors, styles, and materials.

All maxi skirts move in a way that is just mesmerizing to watch but add some fringes, and you will have an audience for sure.

Striped Maxis

Stripes can go all different directions, so don’t get hung up on vertical stripes for your trendy maxi skirt. Even some great maxi skirts have stripes going every which way, and they look fantastic.

Whether you choose thick horizontal stripes or thin vertical stripes, you’re sure to find a striped summer skirt that you love.

Photo by takahiro taguchi on Unsplash