Taking Care of Your Health When You’re Not a Gym Bunny

“Go to the gym,” people say; you’ll be a new person.

The truth is that lots of people don’t bother joining a gym for various reasons. Let’s face it, ladies – it isn’t the most welcoming place for women. Having to do bicep curls next to a jacked guy wearing a tank top is never a pleasurable experience. And, intimidation isn’t the only factor to consider. 21st-century men and women don’t have the time to frolic around under lights while smelling of bleach.

Of course, when you take the decision not to sign a membership form, it’s imperative to find a different avenue. Otherwise, your health is going to suffer. Sadly, making excuses and not working out at all is too easy and that’s when the problems start. The good news is there are ways to take care of your health even if you hate the gym. The following will come in handy if you need inspiration.

Start Small

There are lots of myths around exercise and they’re detrimental to the people who need a kick up the backside. The worst one is the idea that you need to (almost) kill yourself to stay fit. Concerning your wellbeing, there is nothing as blatantly wrong as this idea.

Starting small is the answer because any form of exercise is helpful, and some of the less strenuous ones are great for weight loss. Walking is the perfect example as it burns fat 

rather than carbs and targets the wobbly areas. You’ll find that as you get into a routine, you’ll begin to increase the workload naturally so there’s no need to worry about stagnating.

As always, take baby steps and work your way to a fitness regime that is challenging but comfy.

Make Time

Time is an issue when your day is packed to the bleachers and you don’t have a minute to yourself. Finding thirty-minutes or one hour to exercise is nearly impossible in these circumstances, but it isn’t unfeasible. The trick is to work your plan into a normal day so that they seamlessly mix.

Staying with the example of walking, you can ditch the car and stroll to work in the morning. Or, if it’s too far, buy a bike and cycle instead. Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise as it works most muscle groups so you’ll notice a difference in no time.

You should take time to stretch if you have been on a long cycle ride or have undertaken any form of physical exercise. It would help if you also allowed your body to cool down naturally; this will help prevent muscles and ligaments from becoming taught and more prone to injury and damage.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, such as popping, pain, swelling, or knee instability, you may have torn ACL symptoms. You should stop all forms of exercise if this occurs and seek medical attention. Do not leave this type of injury untreated, as it can lead to permanent disability. 

Finding alternative forms of exercise that are low impact can prevent ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries. Here are a few ideas to support your health and fitness regime; these forms of exercise are particularly suitable for knee injuries or long-term disease:

  • Water running.
  • Yoga.
  • Tai Chi.
  • Walking.
  • Step Aerobics.
  • Cycling.
  • Swimming.
  • The Epileptic Trainer. 
  • Running.

The exercises can help you maintain your body weight, build muscle, support your joints, and reduce stress. Once you start your journey, by introducing walking into your daily routine, you will find the path to keeping out of the gym.

Waking up with enough time to work out is another option if the car is essential because you need to drop the kids off at school.

Remember that where there is a will, there is a way.

Invest In House Equipment

The more you speak to people, the more you should see a shift from gym attendance to exercising at home. Working out under your own roof is a lot more flexible and less demanding than going to the gym. After all, you don’t have to stick to a tight schedule and worry about what other people think.

However, you do need the proper equipment. To begin with, the simple stuff is fine as home workouts don’t require many tools. If you’re familiar with the benefits of bands, you’ll know that there’s no need for bulky weights. Just throw down a yoga mat and go over the routine you found on the internet.

To take it one step further, you can invest in the affordable gym equipment such as a workout bike. With that in your house, you can churn out various exercises from HIIT to circuit training. And, the likes of Peloton mean that you don’t have to do it alone.

Don’t Indulge

For those who don’t exercise as much as gym bunnies, it’s vital to keep tabs on your calorie intake. Otherwise, you’ll consume more than you’re allowed and it will turn into fat in no time. Living in a place like New York or Washington D.C makes it twice as tough, yet you’ve got to stay vigilant.

A food diary is an excellent resource to make you aware of your eating habits. Often, it’s hard to remember how much you’ve eaten but this will show it in black and white. There are apps, too. Another neat trick is to pick a diet that suits your personality. People who like to eat, for example, shouldn’t restrict their number of meals.

As far as takeout and restaurant food goes, it should be a once-in-a-blue-moon treat.

How do you find maintaining your health without going to the gym? Is it easy or is it a struggle?

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