Thailand Holidays: “Discovering the Land of Smiles: Thailand’s Hidden Gems

Thailand is a country that hides many beautiful places, hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered by tourists. Among the tourist brochures, you will find the most important sights and places that you should visit, however, there are hidden lagoons, coves, waterfalls, that you can discover if the locals guide you. If you googled terms such as: “Thailand holidays”, the “best places to visit in Thailand”, but you were confused by the amount of information, don’t worry, we got you covered.

Briefly about Thailand

This beautiful country, which is also a kingdom, is located in Southeast Asia, and borders 4 countries in that region. The capital is Bangkok, which is also the most densely populated city. The country has slightly less than 70 million inhabitants and is one of the most densely populated areas. When it comes to the economy, various types of electronics, clothes, shoes, furniture, plastics, food, and many other products are produced. However, one of the main branches is certainly tourism, which records incredible numbers of visitors every year.

When is the best time to visit

The best period to visit is from the beginning of November until March when the temperatures are pleasant. You have to keep in mind that the monsoon season starts at the beginning of July and lasts until October when it rains heavily.

Accommodation in Thailand

When it comes to accommodation, various types of categories are offered, both luxurious and deluxe variants, as well as for people who travel with a budget. You can enjoy a villa in the middle of the forest with an infinity pool while the endless greenery of the jungle stretches out in front of you, or rent a bungalow or villa right on the beach. We must emphasize that the prices of the apartments are very favorable and a well-maintained villa with a pool will not cost you more than $50, depending on when you want to book the accommodation. During the season, prices rise, but not as significantly as perhaps in other countries.

Places that you must experience and visit during your stay

Even Exotic Voyages agrees that Thailand is one of the countries that is rich in numerous historical and cultural sights that will take your breath away when you visit. What is incredible is that most of the buildings of high and cultural importance are very well preserved. In addition to this, you can enjoy numerous trips to the neighboring islands, hike along well-maintained paths through the jungle, climb the viewpoints and see the sunrises and sunsets, try your hand at many marine activities or simply laze around and enjoy the beach next to the beautiful turquoise crystal clear sea.

Sop Ruak

One of the must-sees when it comes to numerous tours is certainly this landmark, better known as the Golden Triangle. In addition to this imposing building, you have the opportunity to see two rivers joining exactly at this place and it is a wonderful thing to experience.


The city of Sukhothai is also located in the national park of the same name and is rich in many beautiful temples that are often preserved and are in good condition. One of the most beautiful temples is Mahathat, which stands out for its incredible architecture, which consists of both ruins and parts that are still standing. It should be noted that this city is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Koh Phi Phi

One of the true pearls of Thailand, still known for its untouched natural beauty, forms a group of six islands. What makes it special are the long white sandy beaches, the clear turquoise color of the sea, numerous marine activities as well as numerous lagoons and hidden places. This island is mostly visited by backpackers and those who have come for diving lessons, for which this island is famous.


This island is decorated with high beautiful limestone cliffs, numerous caves, waterfalls, and long white sandy beaches. What makes it impressive is its diversity in natural beauty, both of the island itself and the nearby ones. Here you have the option of rock climbing, diving, snorkeling, going on trips to nearby islands, or relaxing and enjoying the beach with incredible views.

A walk through the jungle

To visit the jungle, you will have to go to the north of the country, the city of Chiang Mai, which is located near the border with Myanmar. Here there is a wonderful wealth of natural resources from numerous species of animals, various plant species, and a dense jungle that is rich with various waterfalls, rivers, hidden water oases, as well as difficult trails. There are organized tours of certain parts of the jungle that last from 2 to 3 days, depending on your wishes.

Photo by Mg Cthu on Unsplash