The 4 Best Destinations For Women On The Go

Travelling can be extremely emancipating, exciting, and empowering for women. It doesn’t matter if you travel on your own, with a group of friends or on a tour: it helps you focus on yourself while it opens the doors to new experiences, making your life richer.

Even though these COVID-19 times may make it harder to feel comfortable travelling anywhere, there’s nothing that can prevent you from planning where your feet will take you next. Discover what the world has to offer you! Here are the best destinations from women on the go!


Home to multiple world-class cities such as Toronto, Quebec or Ottawa, Canada is also famous for its splendid natural areas, especially in the Lakes area and the Canadian Rockies. From whale watching off the coast of Vancouver to visiting art galleries in Toronto or enjoying an ice-hockey game, there’s plenty to do in this beautiful country. Canadians are also known to be some of the friendliest people in the world! And if you don’t know which city to visit first, you can always rent a car and plan a rewarding road trip to enjoy as much as possible of Canada.

While Ottawa is the capital of the country, Montreal is Canada’s cultural juggernaut with hundreds of festivals held there yearly. Montreal is also popular for its scenic riverfront view, mesmerizing gardens, stunning museums, beautiful castles, and superb French food. 

Toronto is another beautiful Canadian city with friendly locals, lots of museums to explore, cool shops, restaurants, and rooftop bars. Adventurous ladies can check out the Edge Walk at the CN Tower: you’ll walk along the rim’s edge almost 1170 feet above the ground!

Vancouver is another must-see. There is a plethora of things to do here and the landscape is absolutely stunning.


You can’t go wrong with Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital city. There are plenty of things to do here: from tasting delicious local food to experiencing the Danish concept of hygge to exploring the city’s various castles and museums. The Old Town is beautiful with its cobbled streets and colorful houses. Nyhavn is the best place to admire the city’s iconic wooden ships and townhouses lining the canal. Besides, a visit to Odense will give you a fascinating insight into the life and work of Hans Christian Andersen.

Literature lovers have another must-see spot in Denmark: Kronborg Castle: a UNESCO World Heritage site that inspired Shakespeare’s Elsinore Castle in Hamlet.


Switzerland is another perfect destination for female travellers, especially if you love chocolate and adventure activities. Its alpine vistas, chocolate, and stunning landscapes are out of this world. Some of the top attractions in Switzerland are the Rhine Falls, the Swiss National Park, Lake Geneva and the famous Matterhorn.

No trip to Switzerland would be complete without tasting the different variety of cheese you can find here and chocoholics can not only sample plenty of their favourite treat but also attend a chocolate-making workshop.

If you’re not into skiing but would like to enjoy the beautiful Alpine views, taking one of the trains such as the Bernina Express is one of the best ways to do so.

Zurich seduces visitors with its postcard-worthy views. It’s big enough to remain interesting for a few days but still keeps its small village feel with its winding alleyways and charming atmosphere.

Bern and Geneva are other beautiful cities with stunning architecture and a lovely combination of urban views that blend into natural scenery. Other top things to do in Switzerland are: visiting the CERN Large Hadron Collider, the Golden Pass Line and hiking in the Alps.


With Instagram-worthy landscapes and medieval architecture, picturesque cities, an interesting culture and delicious food and beer, Belgium is a great European country for women to travel to.

Brussels is its capital city and it’s romantic and medieval Grand Place with its exquisite buildings is a must-see. Enjoy a Belgian beer, or a typical waffle or any other delicious treat in any of the numerous cafés located around the Grande Place while you take in the lovely views and cozy atmosphere. Get inside the Atomium, take a picture of the famous Manneken Pis, stroll its cobblestone streets and visit its many museums.

Belgium is so small that it’s a pity not to explore at least a few of its other beautiful cities. Brugge, with its canals and charming atmosphere is absolutely a must-see. Leuven will seduce you with its joyful and youthful atmosphere while Antwerp or Ghent are real gems in the Flemish region of the country. 

Image of Brussels Grote Markt by Walkerssk from Pixabay

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