The Best Bed Sets for the Avid Reader

Everyone has different hobbies and tastes, and with the variety and versatility of today’s home furniture there is no reason not to make your bedroom your own. Just as gamers decorate their rooms with tech and industrial themes, and movie buffs focus on their media chest, so too do readers need a special kind of bedroom.

A new bedroom design is a great gift for the teen or young adult that is an avid reader. Or, you might be the reader yourself. In any case, here are three ways to make your bedroom more reader friendly.

Use upholstered headboards to read in bed

Comfortable upholstered headboards are very much in style. Americans are spending more time in their bedrooms than ever before, and tufted headboards are comfortable for both readers and phone scrollers. There are a lot of options to choose from in both design, fabrics, and colors.

Look for a small desk and storage ottoman for the reader/writer

They say to be a good writer, you have to read. Most writers are very avid readers, but they are not passive readers. Instead, writers often jot notes, highlight passages, and use flags to go back to at a later date. It is much easier to do this at a desk. A small writing desk can be put in the corner. Pair with an ottoman with hidden storage for a place to keep your to-read stack out of the way of tripping feet.

Make a traditional window reading nook

The original window seat design was made with readers in mind. Every girl who loves to read has dreamt of having such a window seat. You can make a window seat out of any window in your home for a small investment with some DIY research.

However, you don’t have to do a remodel of the window to get all of the perks of the arrangement. Some bed sets include an optional matched bedroom storage bench. The bench can sit against the window, with your books inside the bench.

Make a reading corner

Do you prefer to read in soft light, curled up in a comfortable chair, perhaps with a lap blanket, a cup of hot tea or cocoa ready to be sipped as the pages turn. Ideally you would be able to read in quiet solitude in any room of your home, but people are still spending more time at home and moving the reading corner into your bedroom can give you a true break from reality.

The reading corner can be matched to the bed set, especially when you order from the same brand. A comfortable chair should be paired with a small side table with slender table lamp. An ottoman at your feet can provide storage for books, and an additional small nightstand matching your bed set works well as both table and book storage.

Whatever your preference, there is no need for any reader to lack a place to read their books comfortably and peacefully.

Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels