The Cost of Botox is Becoming More Affordable Now Overall

Botox is injectable cosmetic filler that has been gaining tremendous popularity over the past several years.  It’s used primarily for elimination and prevention of wrinkles around the eyes, the forehead, and as eye fillers to smooth out the skin that has lost its plumpness and may be puffy also.  Botox has been in use for only fifteen years actually but is now becoming more affordable and the costs have gone down.  The procedures have also been refined as well making it a more sought-after treatment especially for wrinkles around the eyes, the forehead, and as a filler to restore skin elasticity.  The area surrounding the eyes can generally lose its plumpness more rapidly than other regions.  Botox is actually botulinum toxin and in essence freezes muscles, preventing wrinkles in the forehead and eyes, by eliminating overuse of these muscles.  As filler around the eyes it can restore plumpness and reduce puffiness underneath the eyes.  This is also a very popular procedure now.  The uses in facial prevention of wrinkles, is one of the uses of Botox but it is a very popular usage.  Recently Botox has been in use for the prevention of migraine as well. 

Botox is given by injection and was primarily only affordable and used by celebrities.  However, because of the decrease in costs, it’s now become more popular with the general public and used more extensively by cosmetic surgeons.  Its efficacy and availability have also increased over the past several years. Costs range according to geographic area, and of course, the amount of treatment area.  Prices do vary, and since it’s an injectable it is still given by a qualified cosmetic surgeon. The overall price needs to be discussed with the cosmetic surgeon of choice.

While the costs of Botox for “off label” procedures such as underarm and sweaty palms can sometimes be covered by insurance, the use of this drug for cosmetic procedures is not covered to date by insurance. Therefore, shopping around for a good cosmetic surgeon in order to control costs of Botox for the eyes, forehead, wrinkles and eye fillers is imperative.  Many surgeons should be consulted as although cost is a factor it is a surgical procedure and not without risks, therefore the best cosmetic surgeon for the price should be chosen.  There are many variables here in the desire to get the best results.  A good knowledge of the procedure and its side effects is always recommended before proceeding with these injections. 

The effects of the treatment vary also according to area treated and of course, a person’s age and physical state.  Depending upon the skill of the medical professional, a typical treatment around the eyes, can last anywhere from three to six months, or sometimes even longer.  The treatments, especially around the eyes, must be done carefully since this is a very sensitive area.  Wrinkles around the eyes are many times called “crows’ feet” as these wrinkles can have a very variegated look.  Puffiness may also be present alongside the wrinkles or underneath them, hence the name of “crows’ feet” and Botox injections can be effective in eliminating both conditions.  The elimination of wrinkles anywhere and puffiness can take a full five to ten days to actually become apparent, and the dosages used have a distinct effect not just on cost but on how long it takes to experience results and of course, how long the treatments will last.  There is a great deal of research into the use of Botox needed by any consumer before committing to getting these injections. 

While these injections are much safer now than years ago, there are always risks with any kinds of surgeries, or injectables, even when the surgeries are considered minor ones.  Cosmetic procedures are always the choice of an individual, not a necessity and this must be taken into consideration when making decisions to have Botox injections.  Many factors exist in the decision to have any cosmetic procedure and Botox injections to eliminate wrinkles around the eyes, the forehead, and to decrease puffiness by eye fillers using Botox must be a carefully thought out decision.  Results can be very rewarding if an individual is bothered tremendously by the signs of aging, but the rewards are greater if the research and knowledge of the procedure is done thoroughly first by those considering injectable cosmetic procedures.  While costs are a factor in the choice of these injectables, the cost is not the “only” factor and a well-versed consumer will be happier with the results if all factors are taken into consideration when making the decision to have this cosmetic procedure done by a qualified cosmetic surgeon. 

Photo by Jan Krnc from Pexels

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