The Many Issues Caused By Blocked Drains

Keeping your home clean and well-maintained is a lifelong project. You make sure all surfaces are free from dust and dirt. However, these tasks mostly take care of only the superficial places. Sometimes, the real problem can lie deep in the areas not obviously visible to the eye. Since it may be located in a hidden area, you may not be aware of the damage until it’s almost too late. What are we talking about? It is about blocked drains.

Changing of weather especially if it’s bad, it can cause blockages in drainage systems and can have a number of long-term effects if they are not dealt with. A blocked drain is never a good thing, but with the winter weather quickly taking over our days, people should be more concerned than ever about their drains, especially if they seem blocked. When it comes to this cold weather, we may complain, but in the end, we’re always shielded somehow – but it’s fair to say that our houses aren’t so lucky.

Even after knowing it, people tend to choose ignore the condition, hoping that they will clear out on their own. However, ignoring a clog often leads to it becoming severe and even blocking the drain completely. What are those further effects cause by blocked drains?

Poor drainage

Water will have difficult time passing through the time when your drain is blocked. It causes drainage to be slower than usual. Often times, more severe clogs will even cause water to travel back up your drain and bubble up.

Dirty water

Every sewage problem which blocked drain is one of them can often become a breeding ground for bacteria. Food and waste can also get caught in bigger clogs that blocked your pipe. These issues can often lead to dirty water that poses a serious health risk for you and members of your home. The longer a clog is left alone, the better the chances are that your water will become unhealthy to consume.

Bad odors

When there is no moisture to soak up smells caused by waste, bad odors will release in your house. It happens when clogs are big enough to block water from getting through, so your pipes will often dry out. Stagnant water can lead to bad odors as well. The clog itself starts to trap food and other waste. It can also cause odor that seep into your home.

Health risks

Stagnant water attracts mosquitoes, pests and other insects that may carry germs and diseases. It will also make the area prone to bacteria, mold and mildew.


When clogs block your pipes, the water that is blocked needs to go somewhere. If it’s blocked, the result is a leak in your pipes. It can leak into walls and floors, causing stains and warping.

The above can all lead to structural damage to your property and can result in hugely expensive repairs if neglected. Not only that, the safety of occupants and residents will be compromised due to the structural damage.

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Good luck!

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