The Most Interesting Racing Cars of All Time

Over the long history of the sport of racing, many different models of racing cars have emerged. Rally racing cars are the beasts of the auto industry. They are driven sideways through forests, dangerous mountainous roads, they are driven by the best riders on the planet … The speeds are just crazy! Rally is the best test for cars. The rally car is a roaring, mud-splattered beast that handles the track just as well in the woods as it does in the desert or on the secondary roads of the world. Oddly enough, such cars, in order to be considered rally cars, must be serial and sold in a car dealership. Some people buy rally cars and drive them around the city in order to feel a little connection with motorsport. When you go just to the store or for a walk, you can feel like a race car driver. But it is not necessary to buy them, you can rent such a car. After all, not everyone can afford to own such a vehicle. For example, you can choose an suv car rental in Dubai.

When you are driving a rally car, you are challenging driving. They are fast, have an incredible sound, are so nimble and can jump! Let’s look at the best of them, study the characteristics, handling, power, maneuverability, ability to jump and ride through the mud. As for me, there should be a huge amount of headlights, aggressive tires and a great safety cage.

The perfect combination: both a rally car and a car for driving around the city. The naughty child of the 90s is the Subaru Impreza. The car is very fast, but the main thing when you are in it, you feel confident, because it is very stable. The sight, the smell, the sound – it’s a 90’s rally! What impresses most about the Subaru Impreza is the sound, which is unique, whistling and crackling from the exhaust system.

Handling, stability, power – this is the holy trinity or why rally cars are so cool. The Impreza has it all. But when she was first released, there was no indication that she would make such a splash. She came out in 1993 and few people paid attention to her, she did not stand out in anything special – an ordinary Japanese sedan with a hood and trunk. But when they began to participate in the rally, everything changed. When driving around the city, it is impossible to understand what handling and power this outwardly nondescript car has, but it was noticed immediately at the rally. However, attention was attracted not only by what was under the hood, on the rally in the hands of the fearless genius of the flying Scot Colin McRae, the car violated all the laws of physics. Subaru Impreza costs just over 25,000 USD. The model has 152 horsepower at 6000 rpm and 197 Nm of torque. Subaru Impreza keeps up with the times. It has a stylish and dynamic design that perfectly emphasizes the individuality and character of its owner.

Consider another super racing rally car Mitsubishi Lancer. This is a front wheel drive Sedan. The price of the car is from 19,000 USD. The maximum speed is 181 km/h. The main “feature” of the model is its sporty burrows, stability at speeds in corners, on asphalt and gravel, as well as power – 1.8 and 2.0 liter engines accelerate the car well. Mitsubishi Lancer is considered one of the safest racing cars, so this car passed almost all crash tests perfectly. The strengths of this model are: stylish design, sporty habits, reliability, variety of engines, comfortable practical interior. Mitsubishi Lancer pleases with high liquidity in the secondary market, despite the fact that it is obsolete against the background of more recent competitors. But about the interior space in the cabin they say that there is a lot of it. You get into this car first, and then you sit down. Being produced for more than 30 years, it has acquired various legends and an interesting history, and it is also considered that this is one of the most successful rally cars in the history of motorsport, which became the world champion four times in a row.

Photo by Ferhat Deniz Fors on Unsplash

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