The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

We’ve all heard the stories about bridezillas and the nightmarish stress that can come when something falls apart. No one wants to allow poor planning or a lack of foresight to ruin such an important event. This wedding planning checklist should help you make sure you’re on top of all your wedding day plans!

Start with the proposal!

To get married, you’ve got to get somebody to say “Yes!” first. Everyone wants to find that special ring for their special someone, but it’s tough to figure out how to do it on a budget. Lab created engagement rings like the rings crafted by Agape Diamonds have gotten more and more popular in recent years, providing an opportunity to find something beautiful and ethical for your partner.

Think about your budget.

While we’re on the subject of finding beautiful things at the right price, make sure to set your budget expectations early. It’s important to know exactly how much you’re comfortable spending, as financial stress can create conflict. If you know what you’ve got, you can put effort into making the most of it.

Videographers, caterers, florists, oh my!

The perfect ceremony requires a lot of help, and you want to hire the people you’re comfortable with. Most high-end professionals require a year or more of advance notice to fit you into their schedule, so don’t waste any time booking the help you need early on. Trust me, you do not want to be scrambling to find someone to photograph your ceremony with only a few weeks to spare.

What (not) to wear.

Saying “yes” to the dress (or pantsuit, or whatever else you’re going to rock on your big day) is one of the most difficult parts of wedding planning. You want to leave plenty of time for multiple fittings and for corrections and alternations, should anything not turn out how you expected.

Time to eat!

Depending on where you have your wedding, the venue might handle this for you. But if you’re on your own, catering for weddings isn’t hard to find if you know where to look. Caterers like Reedville can step in when your venue doesn’t have in-house options and you’re looking for something satisfying and unique for your friends and family.

Presents, please!

Everyone loves wedding presents, but it’s important that you provide your guests with plenty of options at a variety of price points well in advance. Don’t just register in one place, having a few different options can help people pick something they know you’ll like without breaking the bank.

Save the date!

It’s pretty hard to have a wedding without guests. You’ll want to give your guests at least six months’ notice, more if you’re expecting them to travel!

Logistics, logistics, logistics!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the big stuff, but the key to a smooth ceremony is having all the details accounted for. Assigning seating, checking for bathroom access and appropriate lighting, and creating day-of schedule are all crucial to things going off without a hitch when you get hitched. Make playlists if you want music, send the timetable for your event to everyone involved! Don’t sweat the small things, but make sure you’re prepared for them.

Make a list, check it twice!

It’s time to bring out your inner Santa Claus. Confirm your schedule with all of the professionals coming to assist you and everyone in your wedding party. Check-in with your photographer and be specific about what you want them to focus on capturing. Talk to the bartender and make sure they’ll have all your favorites. Even if you think you’re sure, it’s always better to check.

Have fun and remember, it’s your day!

After all your hard work, you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor. There will be people there to assist you, so prepare a list of day-of tasks that you can delegate to your wedding party to keep you focused and calm. The day before your wedding, take some time for you, do something that makes you feel confident, and then get ready for the best day of your life.

Image by Milan A. from Pixabay 

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