Things to Consider Before Getting Rhinoplasty

It can be difficult enough worrying about how well contoured your make up is or if your brows suit the shape of our face without having to stress over if one of the most dominant features complements us well. Noses come in all shapes and sizes and help to create a balance to the face, but if it is out of proportion it can affect not just your appearance but your emotional well-being as well.

Any kind of surgery can carry risks but sometimes the benefits can greatly outweigh the costs and if you have realistic expectations of what can be achieved, then the final results could change your life.

  1. The first step is to thoroughly do your research. Choosing a plastic surgeon can be a challenge and takes time. For example, f you are looking for the best rhinoplasty surgeon in London then with a bit of research, you’ll come across clinics such as which have 3 London locations are a great place to start your rhinoplasty journey. Remember to not just look at pictures of the nose that you want but consider what will suit your face as well. If you have a larger face, then a small nose will only draw attention to the disparity.
  2. Be prepared for some home truths. Not everyone is an ideal surgical candidate, and this is something that your plastic surgeon will discuss with you at length. You should be in overall good healthand it is highly recommended that if you are a smoker, that you quit. This will promote the healing process and help to keep infection at bay.
  3. It may be necessary to think about your other facial features when considering rhinoplasty. By changing your nose, you are changing the dynamic of the face and it may look better if a chin augmentation is carried out in tandem to maximise our results.
  4. The healing process is different for all patients but in general, you are going to need to have at least 7-10 days off or the initial swelling to go down. It is advised that if you need to take time off work you plan well in advance and take a few weeks to ensure you get the rest you need. You may have a splint on your nose and the severity of the bruising can vary, however, with enough rest and anti-inflammatory medication prescribed by your surgeon the swelling will reduce within a week.
  5. The final results can take time to be visible with some people only seeing them after a month, each individual case is unique and your surgeon will conduct a follow -up appointment to ensure the healing process is going well and you are on track to getting the result you want.

Carrying out as much research as possible and seeing a reputable surgeon in a successful practice is vital to getting the results that you want. By being realistic and flexible in your approach you could achieve the nose you have always dreamed of, so why not start planning it today.

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