Three Seasonal Trends You Can’t Get Enough Of

The Autumn/ Winter season is always exciting. It is where designers can really experiment with layering different materials and contrasting ideas. As the nights draw in and the weather turns, ready-to-wear fashion is everywhere and the ideas are flowing for party dresses as well as workwear and casual wear.

This season, there are a few top trends that lots of designers are showing. Of course, each fashion house has brought its own twist to each new look creating a wide variety of interrelated trends. Where some couture artists aim to refocus our attention on what clothing means and how it can be realized, there are plenty of trends that are ready to hit the streets with their bold new moves.

Winter Florals

If there is one trend that is covering everything right now, it is winter florals. After a summer of bold floral prints that Rihanna couldn’t get enough of, Balenciaga is back, this time playing with softer hues on light floating fabrics. Acne Studios, Coach and Erdem have also taken the winter floral to new places on the catwalk this year.

The joy of winter florals is the sensation that despite the cold, there is new life breathing into our clothes ready for spring. The contrast of the femininity of the flowers and the soft colours being shown this year with the harsh cold weather and the dark nights is fascinating. It takes in design elements from William Morris-style papers to Oriental blue on white making it hugely versatile and fun to wear.

For your own take on winter florals try pairing a women’s maxi dress with leather boots like Valentino or pointed stilettos to contrast against the softness of the dress.


Silver is everywhere, bringing shine and metallic beauty to all sorts of different looks. Everyone from Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld to the more experimental Commes Des Garcons showed futuristic space age designs that shone on the catwalk.

Even if you aren’t one for a space blanket padded jacket, there are plenty of silver accessories you can match with your current wardrobe easily. Try adding a simple silver handbag or silver leather sneakers for a nod to the fashion, or experiment with silver hair pieces for a bolder look.

This look is all about gazing into a bright future so you really can – and should – take the opportunity to go all out with your style. Nothing is too out there for this space trend!


One of the easiest and comfiest coats is back again this year and designers are really playing with its form. The trench coat is ripe with opportunity to reinvent a classic shape and design. While most designers have stuck with the traditional camel shades, Dries Van Noten showed a brilliant white trench underneath a starkly contrasting black jacket and Valentino added a delicate pattern to lift the coat to new heights.

The shape has also undergone some radical changes with Maison Margiela experimenting with a cut out section and J. W. Anderson reimagining the front of the coat entirely, creating a sweeping wing buttoned in at the side and adding a leather buckled collar.

The trench is ideal for wearing throughout the winter as it will protect your clothes from the weather and go with almost everything. While most designers have added boots to their ensemble, there’s no reason not to wear nude heels to accentuate and elongate your legs.

This Autumn/ Winter, there have been lots of new and exciting additions to the usual transition colors we see around this time. Interspersed between the red and olive hues, a silver detail will create an eye-catching moment or a winter floral pattern will radically change the feel of an outfit.

There are a few other trends to keep an eye out for though. Polka dots are definitely in and gracing everything from dresses to boots and jackets. Likewise, feathers are being used to bring a lightness to otherwise heavy fabrics and outfits. They also create movement and energy as models walk – a mesmerising addition!

Not everything that you see on the catwalk will easily translate into high street fashion, but what is clear from this year’s collections is that Autumn/ Winter fashion is looking to consumers and nodding to classic shapes and colors we already have in our wardrobes. No one can wear couture all day everyday, but these designers are showing us how we can experiment more with what we wear and find new ways of expressing ourselves and reinventing the old.

It’s incredibly exciting!