Tips On How To Get Your Man Fashionable Without Insulting Him

Ever notice how some men just always look great in anything they are wearing – whether they’re in their work clothes or a wedding, they have a style that captures your attention. You’re probably wondering if they have a good woman at home helping them dress the part or if they were able to pull it together all on their own?

Most men don’t care about what they wear. They will grab the first shirt they see clean or dirty and a pair of pants, and matching is not a requirement. They just want to be comfortable in what they’re wearing, and because of this, they choose comfort over style again and again. 

But you’re tired of the way he dresses and wants to see him dressed in style without hurting his feelings. So whether it’s baggy sweat shorts to sweat pants or baggy jeans to faded skinny jeans or worn-out work boots to Keen utility safety boots, you can slowly change his style. 

Let’s face it; you care about the way that you look; it’s why you spend time looking for the perfect sundress for the 4th of July, maintain your nails every three weeks, and keep up with the latest trends and styles. It’s important to you, and having your man in anything but those oversized shorts with a mismatched shirt would be amazing. 

If you’re looking for a way to improve your man’s style without being pushy or making him feel attacked, you’ll want to follow these simple tips.  

It’s Not All About You, Consider His Personal Lifestyle
When you’re picking out his new look, you don’t want it to be just about you. His look needs to match his personality and taste. So if you start choosing pieces that don’t reflect this, he will instantly shoot down your ideas and suggestions. You can build on what his current style is and understand why he loves his favorite outfit. So even if he wears things because he values comfort over style, you’ll be able to find nice clothes that offer comfort. 

Finding the perfect balance of comfort, individuality, and style is exactly what a man wants.

Gift Him With New Clothing and Accessories
Once you know the reason he wears what he does, you can begin buying him some outfits that you like but fits his comfort and personality. You’re not going to want to buy dress shoes when he only wears sneakers. There are plenty of excuses you can use to start filling his closet with clothes that give him style. One of the best is an upcoming event.  Holidays and birthdays are perfect for giving clothes, shoes, and accessories.  

Start Getting Rid Of The Clothes You Don’t Like
As you begin filling his closet with the clothes you do like, there’s no better time than now to get rid of the ones that you don’t like. Men have a much harder time getting rid of clothing than women do. Spring cleaning is an excellent opportunity to go through his wardrobe together and guide him through the process. Pointing out the clothes that no longer fit him or have stains. The fewer options he has of his old clothes, the more likely he’ll grab the new ones. 

Paying Attention To The Details
Details have the ability to transform an entire look, take a boring out into something that turns heads and makes you feel like a million bucks. Shoes are one of the main accessories to pull an entire outfit together, and most men have difficulty matching their shoes with their outfits, but no problem matching them to their hats. You can add the finishing touches by adding a cufflink, watch, or necklace. These things definitely shouldn’t be ignored. If he has a smartwatch, consider buying a new band that fits his style and adds a finishing touch to whatever he chooses to wear.  

No matter what he’s wearing, be sure that you’re complimenting his taste in clothing no matter what he chooses to wear. Positive reinforcement and words of affirmation are important to a relationship, and when you’re working on changing his wardrobe, you’ll want to make sure that you are giving him extra praise. 

Photo by Tamarcus Brown on Unsplash

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