Top 6 Skills you can learn During Lockdowns

One of the things that set human beings apart from other animals is our ability to learn new skills quickly when we put our minds to it. Many conflicting studies have been conducted that claim that the time it takes a person to learn a new skill could be as short as 20hrs or as long as 10,000 hours. However, what is constant is that with time and dedication, human beings can push their limits to heights that one cannot begin to fathom. The following are some of the skills you can learn during the COVID-19 lockdowns.


Many people assume that writing only takes talent, which is exclusively reserved for people who have been born with that innate talent to string words into prose compelling enough to make someone stick their eyes on a book without blinking. What many never realize, however, is that writing is a skill like any other that can be developed and nurtured in anyone who has the will and the time to learn how to do it. With ample time in your hands, this is the ideal moment to give your writing skills a go. You could write about anything on any platform you want, and the more you keep doing it, you’ll slowly start to see a change in your style. 

Interior Designing

How about changing how your apartment looks?  Due to very busy work schedules, many people never had the time to look at how they had arranged their living quarters properly. By the time they come home from work, they are too tired to take notice. But with lockdowns, people have finally been able to look around, and for those with a good eye, this is the right time to give your interior design abilities a try-out. Experiment with various arrangements and post the pictures online for feedback. To better your skills, you can visit well-known sites like guyabouthome and get some tips on how to improve your home decoration skills. You never know; you may come out of the pandemic a different person with mad skills enough to earn you extra cash on the side.


Knitting is an art that is fast disappearing in a world that is obsessed with letting everything be run by automated machines. In the past, people used to create creative garments using their hands, and although it was a time and labor-intensive affair, the act in itself was a satisfying display of artistry. Start by creating a niche; the best and easiest place to start would be knitting cute warm clothes for babies. It could be mittens, hats, socks, and so on. If you are good enough, you can choose to commercialize it, and you’ll never lack a market for it. Sites like are a good place to check out to get the feel of what is trending in the baby world so that you can come up with the right ideas that would blow people’s minds.

Selling Necessities Online

Starting a business these days is much easier than it used to be in the past. All you need is an online store and some little inventory, and you could run your online shop from the comfort of your bedroom. However, it will require some learning if you ever want to turn the skill into a serious money-making venture. Hand sanitizers and masks are in high demand at the moment; it would make business sense to open an online store that sells these items to people around your locality. To make the shop more attractive, combine it with a blog that teaches people how to properly use the items you are selling; you could even create short tutorial videos as a bonus. To get the best hand sanitizers in the market, click here and browse through their long catalog to find what you feel may suit your target market best.

A New Language

This is probably the easiest and the most hassle-free skill you can learn pretty quickly. The ability to speak multiple languages is a skill that is in demand around the world, which many people never have the time and the resources to add to their resumes. However, all you’d need in a day is 2hrs and good internet. There are countless free language sites that teach people all types of languages. Rather than spend all the free time sleeping or watching movies and TV shows, it would really boost your career and generally improve you as a person if you manage to learn even a single language before the pandemic is over.

Getting a New Hobby

You can never have enough hobbies. The human brain is big enough to accommodate all kinds of interests at the same time. A lockdown is a perfect opportunity to discover new things you never knew you were capable of. Try drawing, writing, singing, playing an instrument, and you may end up finding a new calling in the process.


The lockdowns that have marred the better part of last year and look like they’ll continue this year have created a lot of inconvenience for many people. But all is not lost; it is always during the time of adversities that man reinvents himself. Use the time wisely because the world continues to move on, and you don’t want to emerge at the end of this to find that you are the only one still stuck in the past. Teach yourself a skill or two.

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Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay