Types Of Coffee: A Beginner’s Guide

Coffee is one of the most famous drinks in the world. With over 1 billion people drinking coffee on a daily basis, it has certainly made its place in our lives. Contrary to usual belief, there are many different coffee types, and we are not just talking about the drinks — coffee can differ in taste depending upon the beans used to make it.

Despite it being the most popular drink, there are a lot of questions about coffee that you may want to ask. If you are looking to enhance your knowledge about coffee, then you might want to keep reading. We will tell you about different types of coffee along with types of coffee beans. This is a beginner’s guide for different types of coffee.

Different types of Coffee beans

There are two types of coffee beans that you can easily find at the supermarket. These are Arabica and Robusta. What is the difference between these two? And what makes people choose one over the other? Let’s get right to it:

?     Arabica seeds

Arabica is the world’s most popular type of coffee. The Arabica coffee is made from beans of the coffee arabica plant. It originated in the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia and makes up about 60% of coffee production in the world.

High-quality arabica coffee has a sweet flavor with complementing flavors of chocolate, nuts, and caramel. The acidity and bitterness in this coffee are very pleasant, which makes it more welcoming to people. Arabica seeds work well with cold coffee as well. Most local cafes and homes choose Arabica over Robusta due to its slight bitterness and a mild taste.

?     Robusta seeds

Robusta, as compared to its counterpart, is very strong. The reason for that is caffeine. Robusta beans contain a whopping 2.7% caffeine content as compared to 1.5% of Arabica. If you are drinking coffee to wake up or get energized rather than the taste, then Robusta seeds are for you.

You may think that more caffeine is a good thing. However, due to more caffeine content, the taste of Robusta seeds is not very good. People have described it as burnt tires or rubbery. These seeds are typically used in espresso drinks or instant coffee mixes.

There is a lot you can do with a few small beans. There are a lot of coffee drinks available in the market. Some of them are there for their taste, while some are used to boost energy levels. For example, black coffee is made by steeping ground coffee beans in hot water and latte, which is the most popular coffee drink, consisting of espresso and steamed milk. 

These were just some of the many drinks that are available out there. Cappuccino, American, Espresso, Doppio, etc., are some of the drinks that you can find at almost any coffee shop. The coffee community is big, and there is a lot to explore. Try to experiment with every drink that you can get, and you may just surprise yourself with your choice.

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay 

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