Unique and Alternative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

If you’re tired of spending your Valentine’s day, in the same way, each year, it might be time to mix it up a bit. There’s a tremendous amount of pressure to do something overly romantic on this particular day. This can often mean find yourselves sat in the same restaurant year after year, surrounded by couples doing the exact same thing. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing this, it can take some of the magic and romance out of the equation. So instead of sticking to your ordinary why not break the mold this year and try something new. Here’s a list of unique and alternative ways you can celebrate Valentine’s day with the one you love.

Spend the night away

A change of scene is good for the soul and will make your valentine’s day more exciting. Go somewhere that neither of you has visited before and explore everything that it has to offer. This small piece of escapism may only be for the one night, but it will take you away from your everyday life leaving you feeling relaxed and carefree. It’s also the perfect way to spend some much needed quality time together. You could stay in a hotel that overlooks the ocean and go for a late night walk on the beach. Or you could spend your night away camping in a forest and sleep under the stars. You could even go further afield and spend the night in a different country if you wish. Choosing where you go is a personal preference and will depend on your budget and interests. Airbnb can find you affordable accommodation in a number of locations, meaning you don’t have to spend a fortune on your romantic trip. Many Airbnb hosts create the ultimate romantic Airbnb experiences for Valentine’s Day. Remember that accommodation such as hotel and apartments can get booked up quickly, so plan your trip now to avoid disappointment.

Have a picnic at home

While every other couple you know is sat having a meal in a restaurant, you and your partner could be having a more relaxed evening at home. But just because you haven’t gone out doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun and romantic evening. Why not plan a picnic that you can have in your living room. Fill your floor with blankets and pillows to boost the comfort of your set up. Also light plenty of candles or use fairy lights to set the mood. Buy food that can be eaten easily with your hands and doesn’t require too much time in the kitchen. This will stop you from feeling stressed and allow you to spend more time enjoying yourself. If you have time you could both make snacks and drinks for your picnics such as cookies, cupcakes, and smoothie cocktails. You can then sit back and relax while watching a movie you both love. This again will give you some valuable time alone together and give you the chance to exchange valentines day gifts without everyone else seeing.

Go dancing

If you both enjoy music and dance this is the ideal date night for you. Booking a private class with a dance teacher can add both spice and excitement to your Valentine’s day. You both may need to build up some courage and confidence before you go but you will enjoy every second. Choose a dance style that you both appreciate and take some time to learn basic steps from your teacher. Jazz, swing, salsa and freestyle are just a few examples of the many dance classes that might be available in your local area. It might feel extremely embarrassing to begin with but you will soon relax. Dancing is also a perfect way of feeling closer to your partner and will strengthen your trust and bond with each other. Use this dance class to blow off some steam and to enjoy each other’s company. Alternatively why not look for dance halls where you can relive the music and dancing from past eras. These balls are great for meeting new people and gives you both an excuse to dress up in your fanciest clothing and have a fantastic time.

Have a spa day

Spas are excellent places to visit if you want to relax and unwind. So why not spend your Valentine’s day at a local spa. You could enjoy facials, massages, saunas and take a dip in a heated pool for some much needed indulgence. Taking full advantage of the packages and treatments on offer will leave you both feeling relaxed and refreshed. Plus it will make you both feel fantastic inside and out. If you don’t live near to a spa or if it is too difficult to get to, you could have a staff member carry out some treatments in the comfort of your own home. Or if the price tag of a spa day goes beyond your budget, you could do some of the treatments at home. You could try back, hand, neck and head massages using Youtube as a guide to leave you both feeling less stressed. This is another activity that develops trust, which can only make your relationship better and stronger. Try to make your home as relaxing as possible with candles and relaxing music.

Visit a flower garden

Forget a bouquet of flowers this year and head to a botanical garden instead. See just how wonderful and beautiful nature can be by walking hand in hand through the exotic flowers and plants. You’ll have lots of fun exploring the greenhouses and seeing butterflies and birds that have made their home in the gardens. You could take some food and some champagne and enjoy a laid back afternoon amongst nature’s wonders. This is a memorable Valentine’s day activity that you can both treasure forever.

With these ideas in mind, you should be able to plan a unique Valentine’s day that you will both thoroughly enjoy. If you do want to go out for dinner still that is totally up to you, but maybe go the day before or after to avoid the crowds.

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